Internet is a vast source of information. Some information will be available at all time, some will vanish after some time. If you found some good articles related to your favorite topics and want to refer it latter. So like many others, the link or site url is bookmarked and after sometime when in need we checked the site for that information. Suddenly we noticed that the page disappears or sometimes the site itself is not available. So, the best solution is to take the screenshot of the page or article we liked or save it as a pdf file for refer it later.

Now in Google chrome there is an option to save webpage as PDF. Just click the print function (Ctrl+P) . In the destination, you can see a new save as pdf function. Select it and save as a PDF file.

Chrome Save as PDF

Web2PDF convert

This is another way to save a webpage as pdf. Here you will get an exact screenshot of the webpage.


Web2PDF covert Extension

Convert any website to PDF document with this incredible Web to PDF online converter



converts web-page to pdf file This extension converts any web-page to pdf through the

You can also check this chrome extension to convert webpage to PDF.


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