Everyone loves comics, especially children. When I say comics, you may think of a humorous strip that appeared in a newspaper or a book. Comics are popular with children, the educators also consider comics is an ideal tool to share education materials to the students. The children are easily attracted to the picture in a book, so when they read a comic they hooked for more, it encourages reading. Another thing is the comics are easy to read and faster to understand. Anyone can easily track the sequence of the event by reading a comic.

So you want to create your own comic strip or videos. But don’t have the skill to draw a comic character. Don’t worry, there are some special tools to assist you to create stunning comics without learning the art of drawing. Comic creators are the special tools to design comics without special knowledge in the drawing. Here are some tools and stuff that allows business personals, parents, students, or educators to create comic strips easily.

Comic Creator
Comic Creator is an installable application that allows you to create comics and manga in minutes. You can add pages, page layouts, backgrounds, characters, props, and dialog to tell your story in a visually dynamic setting. You can print and publish your comics, or animate your comic pages to show off online. Comic Creator offers a simple user interface that allows you to create your comics and make all of your adjustments with a few clicks. It has a drag and drop interface as well as hundreds of backgrounds and characters to create your comic story.

(Canva Comic creator)
Canva offers a drag and drops design tool to easily create your own comic strips. Comic strips capture the imagination like no other medium, comics entertain and also educate the readers. You can also sketch your own creatures, characters, and elements. When you’re done you can upload to Canva to use your sketches as images to use in your comic strips. Canva’s comic strip templates are arranged in grids, so it is easy to customize and upload your own sketches.

Pixton is an online tool to create stunning comics. It offers tools for educators, students, parents, and businesses. You need to select the account type that you need. Pixton also offers content packs, these are ready-made cartoon templates arranged in different categories to use on your project.

There are a number of online comic creators like Comicgen, makebeliefscomix, are some online comic creators.


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