Most of us changed our Facebook look in to the new timeline mode. But still, not satisfied with it’spv looks? Are you interested in the Pinterest. Pinterest is an online pinboard. You can organize and share things you love. Do you want to change the look and feel of your Facebook account to the same look and feel of the Pinterest pinboard. In the Pinterest pinboard, one may notice that the items are arranged in small panels, which is easy to read and organize things. Now you can do the same things in Facebook too. A new App from Pinterest –Pin view-helps you to do the task easily.

Pin view, is the new facebook app, displays items from your timeline, news feed, pages and friends list as small panels like Pinterest. You can see the Pin view of a Facebook page, which is displayed in the Pin view App page. Her you can notice that things are arranged in small panels, like your Pinterest board. You can check the app at –


Here is the screenshot the Pin view app in Facebook. In the screenshot you can notice that, in the pin view panel there is an option to see pin view, your walls as pin view, friends, photos and videos as pin view. Just clicking the corresponding buttons will show the items in pinboard layout.

Pin View on Facebook

Once you decide to see the pin view app in Facebook, a small box will display and ‘Go to App’ button will leads you to the app. You can learn more about how this apps work can access from the top link of the message box. You can change it’s appearance like Public or Private or for Friends only from “who can see posts this app makes for you on your Facebook timeline”. On clicking the ‘Go to App’ will help the app to receive your basic info. your likes, photos, videos, friends likes, photos and videos shared with you,etc..

Pinview App

What you think about this new app? Did you tested the app? can you find any other options or another app to make the timeline look like a pinboard? Share your thoughts and opinion with the readers?


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