Now almost all over the world people get enough time to spend with their families or in their homes due to the Coronavirus outbreak. companies promote work from home culture to avoid the spreading of the disease. Offices, schools and other institutions are locked down and the Governments advised people to stay home. So, all of us get enough time in hand but wondered how to spend this time. Managing such free time is difficult as we don’t have any plan to do for the coming days. Moreover, we couldn’t move out of the home, so getting resources to be difficult. So here are some tips to manage your time and business effectively in your free time.

On the first ween or for a few days we have some work in our hands to complete. Complete those work first, then decide what to do next.

Focus on the task at hand
This is the first task. Complete the work that already in your hand. You may seriously work on a project or a file at the time of getting the leave. So continue your work and try to complete the work first. This is important because we are familiar with the work and have an idea about what to do next. When we keep it for a long time and doing some other tasks, there is a great chance to forget the job or we may lose the continuity. It may a bit difficult to do the task after an interval. As time passes, the difficulty also increases. To create a time table to note the necessary things is highly important. When creating the time table, give importance to things that you must complete within your vacation.

Read or Learn
Free time can be effectively utilized to learn something new or to read your favorite books. You can learn new languages or learn some computer programs. If your work requires some specific knowledge about something, you can pick up the knowledge. Thanks to technology, there are a number of online sites offering free and paid courses. You can learn new things from Udemy, Linux foundation, Udacity or other online learning portals. There are a number of sites like w3scools offering free tutorials. Join the course that relevant to you or for your work. For example, an office administrator requires some computer knowledge, so a course on computer usage or a course on office package will boost his productivity. For finance, an office excel course or an accounting course will definitely help to master in your field. For those who want to read novels or other books, there are a number of sites offering free ebooks like Manybooks, Gutenberg, etc. You can install an ebook reading app like Caliber, Fbreader or Amazon Kindle app. If you are an author you can write and publish your own book. You can use Grammarly to correct English grammar by yourself. You can use Amazon Kindle direct publishing, lulu or similar book self-publishing platform to publish your book.

Build Network
You can build a network to share your thoughts and products with others. If you have something to sell, this is the best time to find customers and to build a network. Like you, your customer is also free, so you may get enough time to explain the features of the product to your customer. You need to add the customer in your network, there is a chance to order your items when they are back to work or you can send reminder emails to encourage them to buy your products. All things can now be done using social media accounts, and almost all of them are active in social media as they get enough free time.

Physical Exercise
The free time is the best time to think about yourself and your body. Start to learn some basic exercise or yoga to reduce your weight. Exercise will boost your immunity, get stronger bones, muscles, joints and lower the risk of Osteoporosis. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases. It also improves your mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, improves brain function and is also good for your heart.

Clear out all junks
This is the best time to clear all the junks from your home, storage, computer, email inbox, and social media accounts!

Freelance or Volunteer your skills
Everyone has some skills, you can convert your skills to money. You can also offer your skills to others. You can find skills-based volunteering projects from the internet. There is some freelance work that you can do form your home and earn something depend on your work and skill. Marketing, writing, proofreading, graphic design, web design, accounting, customer service are some skills that will get you hired easily. There are some websites like Fiverr that offers freelance service marketplace. Fiverr enables people to browse the selection of freelances offering services, and can place the orders. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig. Once a customer finds a Gig they like (for example, you and your work), they can read more information about you and your service, portfolio or samples of work, and your pricing.

Update financial strategies
You can update your personal finance strategy. You can set a vision and plan a mission. Financial planning involves three key elements: goals, plan, and implementation. you can set your goals based on your assets, liabilities, expenses, and income. Once you identified your goal, you can create a financial strategy. The plan could contain the expected savings, investments, expected returns from your investments and other facts. You will be motivated and on track to achieve your goals. You can use some financial planner apps to track your savings and expenses.

These are a few things that you can do in your free time. You can share your ideas to effectively utilize free time.


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