Emails are still popular even in this instant chats app age. Some analysts say 111 billion consumer emails sent and receive each day. tells the popularity of email. Most of us used the service, but still, we didn’t use its full potential. This article is for all email lovers.

To compose an email in Gmail, we click on Compose situated on the top left corner of the Gmail inbox. In the To field, we add recipients, then enter a subject in the subject filed. After that, we write the message and click the Send button at the bottom of the page to send the message. That is the usual practice we are doing on emails. We don’t bother about any other fields in the email compose box. Next to the To field, you can see Cc and Bcc fields. On click, it will be displayed like the below screenshot.

The Cc stands for carbon copy and BCC stands for blind carbon copy. The term Bcc came from the typewriter age. In the old days typewriter is used to type documents, usually, a carbon paper is used to make a carbon copy of the document. Those getting the two copies would understand that they both get copies of the documents. To overcome the issue, the typist uses a technique to hide the address of the recipient form the address, thus keeping the other their identities blind to the original recipients.

The modern email system is based on the RFC 5322 protocol, which lays the foundation of usage of @ symbol, subject line, Cc and Bcc. If one adds someone in the Cc field, he will also get a copy of the email, and allow all those recipients in Cc about who is receiving the copy. In one adds some people in the Bcc list, it will hide from the recipients.

In Gmail, compose a new message. Add your Subject line and email text. Add the email address of the primary recipient in the To field. Now click the Bcc button at the end of the line. In the Bcc field, you can add the email address of each hidden recipient. In the compose box, you have two options to add other emails to copy the message. First, in the Cc field, anyone in Cc (carbon copy) field will see the other recipients of the message. So, if you want to hide a recipient’s email address, add it to the Bcc field. People you add in Bcc can’t see the name or email address of anyone else you add in the Bcc field. When you are done, click the Send button situated at the bottom of the page. Your email will send to multiple recipients.

You can send bulk emails using Mail merge tools. The mail merge tool helps you to send bulk emails to multiple recipients and can also track the email messages using Gmail and Google sheets. You can find out open rates, click-through rates and response rates of your email campaign. Yet another mail merge, Gmass are some feature-rich, powerful mass email and mail merge system for Gmail. If you want to create your own mail merge, you can follow create a mail merge using Gmail and Google sheets tutorial.

Outlook Email
In Outlook, open your email message, in the Options tab, in the Show Fields group, click Bcc. Bcc appears below Cc in the send area of the email. To remove Bcc, follow the same steps again, in the Options tab, in Show Fields, click Bcc to remove it. Add the list of Bcc recipients in the Bcc column and send the mail. If you want to see the list of recipients in the send mail, go to Outlook’s sent items folder. You can see all recipients at the header of the message.

The main advantages of using Bcc are; your identity is hidden from other recipients, you wouldn’t get any reply if someone replies to the original email.


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