In these days, we couldn’t think of a time where the email facilities are not available or not accessible. Most of us having a full packed email inbox, with tons of messages form friends, social networks, offers, promotions and other services. If you are using your email address for public activities and shared it with different organizations and business centers, there is a great chance to fill your inbox with tons of wanted and unwanted messages. Keeping your email inbox clean and organized is a difficult task, as it contains mails that we want to refer or access later.

In this contest keeping a clutter free inbox is dandling task. There are several rule of thumbs that you want to follow to keep your inbox from junk messages. The first thing is that do the necessary action. If you receive a new email inbox, first check the message, if it needs a reply then do it right and delete the message. If it is a junk mail delete it directly. If it is an important one, use the flag or star option in email inbox to mark it as an important message. If an email requires an action from another person or is better suited to be handled by another person, then forward it to them. If you can’t respond to it immediately or if it needs further actions, then you should schedule it. The best ting is, every time you read an email, decide if the information is important or relevant to you, If not, simply delete it. There are several ways to organize emails in different folders. You can easily make rules in your inbox and automatically directing different emails into different folders. Learn the technique of using ‘Labels’ and ‘Folders’ in your inbox. ‘Filters’ are the best way to filter email messages based on interest and work. Set appropriate filters and arrange your inbox folders accordingly. You can also build special folders in which you can keep important emails. Use the junk mail settings to filter spam emails. Most of the good email providers like Gmail has a better spam filtering system, which works 99% perfectly. You can add frequently used junk mail words to filter it and end it spam folder.

Another thing is that we are all having one or more social networking accounts. These accounts sends tons of messages based on user activity. You will get messages when you get a friend invitation or someone comment on your friends photo!  You can turn off unnecessary notifications from Twitter ,
Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+YouTube, etc. You can check for similar options in other social networking sites to turn off unnecessary notifications. If you are subscribing RSS subscriptions from lot of services, unsubscribe the newsletters that you’re not reading, don’t intent to read-those newsletters because of only for registering or downloading some files from a site. It is necessary to unsubscribe from any unwanted newsletters you haven’t been reading and unwanted notifications from social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. Remember to disable all notifications about posts made on your social network walls, friends comments, new friends or followers, etc.

The best ting is that most of the email programs and email services have rules, filter, or label system that enables you to automatically move and organize incoming emails. You can highlight (flag or star) or set priority to certain email addresses. Most of us getting a lot of spam emails in each day,check the messages filter out common spam words that get into your inbox and delete the emails never keep or reply to those spam emails, delete it.   Don’t reply to automatic replies (most of the time email address is like noreply @) , FAQs, and some unwanted responses.

To organize emails learn to use labels and flags. Most of the email programs allow you to label or flag emails. The flags helps you to find it later and can move it out of your inbox to a specific folder. If you are using labels, all the emails related to that label goes under to that label which is very easy to be organized.



Many of the users may love  the accuracy of Gmail’s spam filter, which is one of the key reasons of the popularity of Gmail.  You may not know that, you can organize your messages before sending them by starring them or adding a label, making it easy to keep track of your sent messages. When composing a new message, you can assign labels or star it by using the labels drop-down menu. You don’t worry recipients of messages organized this way won’t see your labels or stars.  You can see the label feature from the above screenshot.


Another great feature in Gmail is it’s multiple inbox. Unfortunately it is not an inbuilt feature, but you can add it from Labs tab under Settings. Go to ‘Labs’ tab under ‘Settings’ find ‘Multiple Inboxes’  and turn on Multiple Inboxes. After you turn on Multiple Inboxes from the Labs tab under Settings, you can configure what you want to see, as well as set the number of messages displayed and the positioning of your panels from the Multiple Inboxes section under Settings. You can see an organized inbox using the Multiple Inboxes in the above screenshot.  This is one of the best feature in Gmail that may people don’t know about. Coolefriend recommend you to use this feature and organize your inbox based on labels like work, personal, job, etc. is a new generation email from Microsoft, it automatically categorizes newsletters for you, so you can quickly find or delete them in just a click, another thing is that can also unsubscribe on your behalf. If you no longer want to receive a newsletter, click Unsubscribe in the email, and takes care of the rest.  Use Sweep to schedule a cleanup, and let do the work for you. Keep only the latest email from a sender, and the rest are deleted. With Sweep, you can also delete emails in bulk from multiple senders and clean out hundreds of emails in seconds. You can even set simple rules to automatically file emails from specific senders, so they never hit your inbox in the first place.

It can automatically categorizes newsletters, social updates, and photos. You can also create your own custom categories for different types of mail, groups of people, dates, subject lines, or almost anything else you want. Set up instant actions to quickly file mail into those custom categories. It has easy-to-use, automated tools to help you get through your inbox quickly,bills in one folder, receipts in another, important documents safely archived. To filter your messages, tap or click View and then select one of the filter categories. Click Unread to see all the messages that you haven’t read yet. Or, select Newsletters to easily find and clean newsletters out of your inbox, so that you can find other mail fast. Schedule cleanup automatically moves or deletes email from a specific sender after 30, 60, or 90 days. Choose an email in your inbox, then tap or click Sweep in the top action bar.Tap or click Schedule cleanup. If you get email from a certain person or business that you want to keep, you can quickly move all email from them out of your inbox and into another folder. If you want more ideas to keep your inbox clutter free, you can follow these steps from Microsoft.


What you think about these quick tips? What method you are following to keep your inbox clutter free? Do you have any idea to keep it organized ?


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