A help desk is necessary to get loyal users for your business, it helps to communicate with your customers. This is a piece of software or program meant for your customers to reach out to you when they need help. The traditional help desk system interacts with customers when they initiated inquiries, fixing and solving issues related to the service or products offered by you.

Are you (your staffs also) still using a shared email to communicate with your customers? Do they get in touch with you through email, social media or phone? Did your customers happy with your replies?

If not, helpdesk software is much more efficient than the traditional email system, as they don’t have the inbox styled system, it supports a number of team members to interact with customers simultaneously. The helpdesk software enables your supporting staffs to respond to emails, answer phone calls and chat with customers from one place.

The Help Desk software supports multiple channels of support,like text chat, video chat, phone, email, wiki pages (knowledge base). The helpdesk software redirected the support ticket to various teams within your organization. Say, for a web hosting company, sales, billing, and technical teams are available.

Building a Knowledge Base
If you are new to knowledge base concept, it consists of self-help articles and guides combined like a FAQ page, so that the customers can access them directly without having to raise a ticket. The well-crafted knowledge resources and guides about your product (knowledgebase) integrated to your support system will decrease the number of support requests. The knowledge base allows your customers to help themselves and get answers faster. There are Knowledge Base Content Management systems available, that allows you to create a complete knowledge base for your staff and customers.

You can convert all incoming emails into tickets. Prioritize, categorize and assign them to the right supporting staff. Every email, feedback, chat, or call that comes in can be converted into tickets in Freshdesk, don’t want to switch between multiple tools. Agents can loop in teammates for discussions right inside tickets and can retain visibility into tickets even if another team is currently working on it. Teams can also split the tasks involved and work on them in parallel. You can automate the routine tasks in your helpdesk such as setting priorities, following up on tickets and other operational tasks that help you run your support. You can create separate support portals for multiple products from a single helpdesk. You can start with ‘SPROUT’ free plan for unlimited agents.

In LiveChat, everything that customers are typing in the helpdesk is visible in the chat window, even if they don’t send it over. You can create a canned response, that means, a pre-made answer to a popular question that can be recalled with just a few keystrokes. LiveChat gives you all the necessary visitor information you need to close a sale or solve a support case, like the visitor’s location. Each chat can begin with a custom pre-chat survey which asks the customer about their email, order ID or any other crucial piece of information so you don’t have to do it yourself every time. You can integrate LiveChat with ChatBot and can send carousels and cards to show off your products and services. Both your agents and customers can exchange files by dragging and dropping a file on the chat window. LiveChat will tell you when the messages s are delivered and read.

HESK help desk software is a good program to track, organize and resolve customer issues. The integrated knowledge base functionality decreases the number of support requests. To install the software download the software from the above link, extract the files and folders from the HESK Zip archive. Follow step-by-step instructions under ‘Installation’.

A great help desk is at the heart of great customer support. Help desk software offers a solution for support agents to track, prioritize, and solve customer support tickets. Zendesk offers omnichannel support, means customer interactions across phone, chat, email, social media, and any other channel come together in one place. Zendesk helps streamline customer support with time-saving tools like triggers and automation.

Web Help Desk
You can manage all end-user trouble tickets, track service request lifecycle, ticket creation to ticket resolution, all in one centralized help desk management web interface. The software is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

In OSTicket, you can create custom lists of data to add to each ticket or specific help topics for clients to choose from when creating a ticket. Custom Fields, Forms and Lists can be added to each web ticket created or only show up when a specific help topic is chosen. It allows custom queue, it is a view of tickets based on custom criteria that you specify.

Through this discussion, you may noticed the importance of using help desk software for your business. It not only solves the customer’s issue, but it boosts sales. You can start a conversation with your users and can progress it to sale. Investing such a system is inevitable if you want to keep ahead of your competition.


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