Do you want to play games in your browser without an internet connection? Yes, there are some good games available in your Chrome browser that are free to use.

Flappy Bird
(Flappy Bird in Chrome Web Store)
Flappy Bird is a simple game, the player has to guide a bird through a level filled with pipes with only a small gap to pass. The bird moves forward automatically and the player can only interact by tapping, making it flap its wings so it flies higher. As each passage has a different height, the player needs to tap or pause (causing the bird to dive down) to make sure it is able to pass. There is no ending! the goal of the game is to get maximum score and based on your total score different types of medals will be awarded.

2048 Game
(2048 Game in Chrome Web Store)
2048 is a puzzle game that can play in your chrome browser for free. You need to install the game and click on the icon, then the puzzle game will open.

(Pacman in Chrome Web Store)
You can play three heritage Pacman games: original, Ms. Pacman and Cookie man. You need to navigate Pacman through a maze containing various dots while four multi-colored ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde- try to get you. The goal of the game is to accumulate points by eating all the dots in the maze, completing that ‘stage’ of the game and starting the next stage and maze of Pac-dots. Between some stages, one of three intermission animations plays. The four ghosts roam the maze hunting for you. If anyone of the ghosts touches you, a life is lost; when all lives have been lost, the game is over.

Super Mario Game
(Super Mario in Chrome Web Store)
Super Mario is now available for Chrome, to play just press on the Mario extension and then play it. You can collect all coins, jump on Goombas and eat the mushrooms. The game includes a level editor. You can play as Mario or Luigi and the goal is to rescue the princess from the evil Bowser.

Snake Game
(Snake Game in Chrome Web Store)
The good old Snake Game is back to your browser. To play the snake game, go through the four walls of the square, but you can’t go through the walls in the middle of the playground. The purpose of Snake Game is to eat the cherries, and while the snake eats the cherries, the snake grows longer. Which makes it more difficult to maneuver with it on the board game.

(Mancala in Chrome Play Store)
Mancala is a classic board game. You can play it as Single or multiplayer(
online). Mancala is a board game that involves a lot of strategies and planning. The game is also known as the ‘sowing’ or ‘count-and-capture’ game.

Cut the Rope
(Cut the Rope in Chrome Web Store)
Cut the Rope, catch a star, and feed Om Nom candy. Collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock new levels in this physics-based game.

(Solitaire in Chrome Web store)
Solitaire allows you to play nine challenging Solitaire Games. Solitaire allows you to play nine challenging Solitaire Games including FreeCell, Klondike, and Spider.

Check the Google Chrome Web Store to find more games that you can actually play offline.


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