You may notice that you can type something in your browsers address bar to search for something on the web. All browsers have their own default search engine, they are the recommended search engine from the browser manufacturer. If you are not satisfied with that search engines result or your favorite search engine is something different from the default search engine, you can change the search engine in your browser. The method of changing the default search engine is different for different browsers. Before you begin just keep it in your mind that the last item in your browsers top bar is More option, usually represented with three dots or three bars.

Google Chrome
Open Google Chrome browser, at the top right you can see three vertical dots (More), click it. In the menu you can see Settings, under Search engine option you can see Search engine used in the address bar, pick your favorite search engine. You can use Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo as your default search engine. In your Chrome mobile app, at the top right click more (three vertical dots), then Settings, under Basics, tap Search engine, tap your search engine.

In your Safari browser, click the search bar. In the left corner of the search bar, click the magnifying glass. Then select your favorite search engine.

In the Firefox browser, on the top right of your browser, you can see three dashes (open menu). Click it, then click Options in the menu. In the preference panel, on the left side, you can see General, Home, Search, Privacy & security, Sync menus. click Search in the left menu, you can the search options here. You can change the search bar appearance. Next is the Default search engine, Just below the Choose the default search engine to use in the address bar and search bar, you can select the search engine from the list. If you need search suggestions, tick mark the Provide search suggestions.

Microsoft Edge
Here Microsoft Bing as your default search engine. Bing provides direct links to Windows 10 apps, provides relevant suggestions from Cortana, and instant answers to questions about Windows 10. In Edge browser, go to the website of the search engine that you need. So that the search engine’s home page that you want is displaying in Microsoft Edge address bar. Now, select More (three horizontal dots), click Settings then at the bottom click View Advanced Settings in the Advanced settings. Scroll down to Address bar search and select Change search provider. Now select your favorite search engine in the list, select Set as default. Scroll down and find the Change search engine, click it. In the Change search engine menu, you can see your new search engine as discovered. Click your favorite search engine to select it, then click Set as default.


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