Wondering how to find help file in Windows 10? To get help on Windows 10, you need to search for something in the search box.  You can search Windows and the web from your Windows 10 taskbar, you can find help, apps, files and settings. Then the digital agent Cortana will  guide you. Select the search box on the taskbar, type what you’re looking for, if you have a microphone, select the microphone next to the search box and say it. Cortana will help you find things. This is not the only option to get help for Windows 10, read on…

Use the search box

First, type what you’re looking for in the search box on the taskbar. The suggestions and answers to your questions will be displayed, and also search results from your PC and the web. Want to find more results of a certain type, then select the Find results in icon above the search box for apps, settings, documents, folders, photos, videos, music, email, calendar, people, or the web. Here is a search for sleep shows various results.


Tips app

You can find out what’s new and some helpful tips on how to do anything with Windows using tips app. To get the tips app, select the Start button, type tips, and then select Tips at the top of the list of results.

Get help

Select the Get help button (a blue button carrying a white question mark) on right side of the settings page or on Windows tools to get help. So when you’re in some Settings, click the Get help button link, you can ask the virtual agent for help.
Here is a screenshot of famous snipping tool, just look at the right corner you can see the Get help link button.


You can also get help on Windows 10 from official Windows 10 support.  You can also look into official Windows 10 answers section.


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