We are all comfortable with the computer mouse and only use keyboards to type something or to search for something. Most of the time, the mouse is enough to visit websites and pages. But most of our users may not know to use their keyboards well to attain some specific task easily. You can do a lot more things easily with your keyboard than your mouse. It requires time to drag the mouse pointer to the proper position to do some tasks. If you know some keyboard shortcuts you can do it fast. Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts, try these to speed up your computer works.

Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + ASelect all content
Ctrl + ZUndo an action
Ctrl + YRedo an action
F11 or Windows logo key + Up Arrow Maximize Window
Windows logo key + Tab Task View
Windows logo key + D Switch between open apps
Windows logo key + X Shutdown options
Windows logo key + LLock your PC
Windows logo key Open or close Start menu
Windows logo key + EOpen File explorer
Windows logo key + MMinimize all windows
Windows logo key + SOpen Windows Search
Windows logo key + IOpen Settings
Windows logo key + ROpen RUN command box
Ctrl+Shift+EscOpen Task Manager
Alt+TabSwitch between open apps
Ctrl + F4Close the active window

There is a list of keyboard shortcuts available. The above shortcuts are enough for your everyday tasks. Do you want to know how it works? Press Windows logo key with M key together, you can see all the active windows are minimized now. In your keyboard you can see a key with the Windows logo, that is Windows logo key. The + sign indicates you need to press two or more keys together to get the result. If you press the Windows logo key alone only the start menu will show. Pressing Windows logo key+L will lock your computer quickly. Suppose you want to go out without shutting down your computer and feared that someone will access your computer in your absence. You can simply use Windows logo key+L to lock your computer quickly if the computer is locked with a password, you need to enter the password to open the computer.

Do you want to move between different Windows, then using the mouse becomes a tedious task. Instead, use Alt+Tab, the Alt key with Tab key helps you to switch between tabs easily. You can see all the active Windows and can move to your desired window easily without touching the mouse. You can use left and right arrow key and Enter key to select your desired window. If you are using a single monitor, this tip will save you time. If you have a wireless keyboard and mouse like Logitech keyboard and mouse combo, you can easily use the computer without wire clutter.


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