If you are using Windows 10 you can easily customize the look and feel of the Windows 10 Start menu, desktop background, Windows theme, taskbar, and the lock screen. Personalizing Windows will change your Windows desktop experience. Here some of the tips to customize and change the Theme, Start menu, Lock screen, and other features.

Change Windows theme
To change the Windows theme, right click on the desktop and in the popup menu, click personalize. The settings screen will be displayed. In the left sidebar menu, you can see Themes under Personalization. Click Themes. You can see the current theme used. You can select any available themes to use it as your theme. Simply click the theme and you can see the changes instantly. You can create your own theme by selecting background, color, sounds, and mouse cursor movement. If you need more themes, click the link, Get more themes in Microsoft store. The Microsoft store will open up and you can select the theme that you want to use. There is a good list of Bing (Microsoft’s search engine) related themes available.

Organize the Start menu
Open Setting by clicking the Personalize in popup menu displayed when right-clicking in the desktop. There you can select various start menu options like, show more tile on Start, show recently added apps, etc. You can toggle on or off the desired options. You can change the look and feel, appearance and positions of the icons in the start menu by dragging and dropping the apps icons in the start menu.

Change Desktop Background
To change the Windows desktop background, right click on the desktop and in the popup menu, click Personalize. The settings screen will be displayed. In the left sidebar menu, you can see Background under Personalization. Click Background, you can use a picture, solid color and slide show as your desktop background. You can select a picture from the available pictures or can Browse for more pictures from your hard disk or from an external device. You can fit the picture to your background screen by selecting Choose a fit option. Some times your selected picture is not enough big to display on your computer screen. You can use fill, stretch, center, tile, and span to fit the picture to your desktop.

To change the color accent. Click Colors. Select the color that you want to use. You can also change the transparency effects. In the colors setting, under the More options, turn on Transparency effects. Just below you can see show accent color on the start, taskbar, action center, and title bars.

Customize the lock screen
To change the lock screen picture, open settings by clicking personalization. Then click Lock screen. In the Background drop-down menu, select the picture or slide show option. If you want to display a picture, select picture, then choose the available picture that you want to use. click the Browse button to find the picture that you want to use as your lock screen.

Reorder the taskbar
Open settings by clicking Personalization, then click Taskbar. To customize the notifications, in Taskbar, under Notification area, click Select which icons appear on the taskbar. Turn on or off toggle switch for each icon.


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