Before the entry of email and messaging service, fax machines are more popular to instantly send and receive messages. The fax machine (short name of facsimile machine) is a device that can send or receive pictures and text over a telephone line. The fax machine translates the picture into bitmap (a series of zeros and ones) data and transmits the data. A fax machine contains an optical scanner to scan images, a printer to print incoming fax messages, and a telephone line for connecting.

Don’t have a fax machine, but need to send some faxes? Don’t worry, you can now send faxes online. The online fax service eliminates the need for paper printing and the monthly fax maintenance cost.

How to send a Fax online
The online internet fax service helps to send and receive faxes by email from your phone, tablet or computer. Online fax allows you to send and receive faxes through email, or website, or mobile app. You can sign, edit, and organize your faxes digitally using the online fax service. To send fax online visit any site offering free fax service, some requires a login, some others don’t want to login. If you want to send and receive faxes online, you need an account and number. Login to your account, select send faxes, enter the recipient details (you can create contacts), Type a cover sheet message and attach documents and send the fax. That’s all, like normal fax, your fax will be delivered to your recipient.

This is an online fax service offers premium features like free mobile fax app, local phone numbers, lifetime storage, lifetime storage, electronic signature, and cloud storage support. With a mobile fax app, you can quickly send and receive fax from your smartphone. You can save your frequent contacts to the address book. You can send large files, presentations and high-quality images through eFax. The inbound faxes are encrypted to ensure more security.

Fax burner
You can send and receive free faxes to your email or iPhone. They give you a fax number and you can send incoming faxes to your email and iPhone.

MyFax helps you to send and receive faxes for occasional fax user or for business owners. You can select a fax number with local area code or you can select an international fax number if you want to establish an international presence. The MyFax Mobile App for iOS and Android makes it easy to fax from your mobile phone.

You can find a lot of online fax services through a search. If you need a local number or a fax service inside your country you can find one offering fax online only on your country through a web search. If you want to send a fax only once, you can use a free online fax service to send a fax message. If you want to receive a fax you need an account and a number. So you want to create an account on any of the online fax services.


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