Do you have an old unused tablet and want to make it something useful? In these days we are facing more problems with digital wastes. More and more devices come to the market, more and more devices turned as wastes every day. Our devices become old and out-fashioned within a few months. The new devices come day by day with more resources and become more pocket-friendly. So, naturally, people pick new devices for their daily task. The result more digital products become useless, even though it’s hardware is not so old and working. Before jumping to do experiments with your old gadgets, let’s check its present condition. Is the display ok? How is the battery life? How is the performance of the system? What ports are available? Is it working? If the battery is weak you can obtain a new battery, or can obtain a compatible battery online or from the nearest shop. If the display is broken you can obtain a compatible display (always not need an original one-that cost more). So check the present condition of the table is more suitable for which task and analyze which task will help you in your daily needs. Here are some tips to convert your unused tablet to a more useful item.

Turn it into a digital photo frame
This is the first use that I am going to tell you. If your tablet’s display is good and the battery is in working condition, you can convert it into a digital photo frame. You may notice some digital photo frames somewhere, you can also build your own digital photo frame to show your family photos to your visitors. We are all familiar with photo frames, digital photo frames offer more versatility over traditional printed photo frames. You need an app to turn your tablet into a slideshow player, so your photo gallery will be displayed continuously with background music. Most apps come with various photo display effects and transition effects. Some apps will also display weather and time on the photo slideshow. Some others will show photo information like date, location, background story, etc. Fotoo is one such app to show slideshow from your photos. Digital Photo Frame Slideshow is another photo viewer and slideshow app that can display photos from Flickr, Facebook or Dropbox account.

Dedicated music player or internet radio
You can convert your old tablet into a digital music player by attaching a speaker to it. Almost all tablets have an inbuilt 3.5mm audio jack. You can get a good 2.1 speaker to play music from your tablet. You can also use wireless speakers to play music. You can add additional storage to your tablet to hold more music files. Most Android tablet comes with Google Play Music app. You can play music and listen to radio stations with this app. You can use any online radio app to play online radio stations. You can tune in and listen to the free radio stations with Replaio.

Turn it into dedicated E-book reader
If you are looking for a good ebook reader, stop your search, you have found it now. Convert your old tablet into a dedicated ebook reader. Ensure your tablet’s display is good and has enough battery life. Most ebook reader apps support PDF, EPUB, DOC, DOCX, RTF, MOBI, DJVU, TXT and CHM formats. Some apps offer ebook collections tool like bookshelves for creating personal thematic collections. ReadEra and Moon+ Reader are some good ebook apps.

Convert it into Alarm Clock and Desk calendar
You can use an alarm clock to wake up in the morning or to create reminders for your tasks during the day. Alarmy app is an alarm clock to play your favorite music and to play different annoying loud alarm clock sounds you cannot ignore! The calendar app helps you to plan your Day, Weeks, Months, Years. You can use the Google Calendar app on your tablet to save time and make the most of every day. You can install a calculator app to convert it as a calculator. You can install a budget app like Money Manager Expense & Budget to manage and track your daily expense. you can convert it into a personal diary to note your daily events, appointments, and feelings with the dairy app. ensure it has a pin or password lock facility and backup facility to keep your dairy safe for long.

Use it as your car’s navigator or entertainment hub
This is simple, you can install a map app to convert it as a navigation tool. You can install the Google map app to get traffic and map. Grab a flexible tablet holder for your car dashboard. Obtain car dashboard charger with a proper USB cable to charge your tablet from the car.

Convert it to Kitchen helper
You can find a number of food discovery and recipes apps on play store. Install some of it to test different tastes in your kitchen. There are some apps working with artificial intelligence that can tell you the recipes for the materials available in your kitchen. So you can prepare good dishes with available materials by simply taking their photos! there are a big number of apps available in a different language for a different region. So I didn’t tell anything, you can find the right one for you in your local language from the play store. Go and search for Recipe apps in the play store, That’s better.

Make it a digital notice board
You can convert it into a digital notice board using notice board apps. The notice app can alert you when there is a new notice for you.

Convert it into a remote control
You can control your electric appliances with your tablet using a Remote app. There are several remote apps available for TV, air-conditioner, set-top box, DVD player, projector, A/V receiver, camera, etc. You can find the right remote app for your device. Almost all big players like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, have their own remote apps to control their devices.

Extra display for your computer or laptop
You can obtain a stand to vertically place the tablet near to your laptop or desktop to use it as a second monitor. You can also use it as a monitor for your camera to monitor the output using a mini HDMI to HDMI cable. You can get a hot shoe camera mount holder for your tablet. You can fit it in the hot shoe slot of your DSLR camera.

Test apps and games
It is straight forward, you can test new apps and games without worrying about malware or viruses. You don’t want to install all those junk apps in your daily using tablets. You can use your tablet as a dedicated gaming device by installing different games on it. Before that, you should ensure that the tablet can handle and run the game flawlessly using the inbuilt hardware. You can find a number of lightweight games that can run on any device in the play store.

Security camera or Baby monitor
There are a number of security camera apps available. WardenCam is one such an app, that turns your old tablets into a home security camera that you can watch while you’re away. The WardenCam provides automated motion detection schedule, so once motion is detected, it starts siren alarm to scare the intruder away. If the tablet is connected to the internet, the videos are transmitted to the cloud server through the Internet and send a notification to one or more devices.

Convert it as kids tablet
You can give your tablet as kids playing and learning device. There are a number of apps to teach alphabets, numbers, months, weekdays, fruits & vegetables, food, clothes, flowers, vehicle, birds, animals, colors, shapes and educational games for kids. You can find a suitable app for your kid based on the age, taste, region, and language.


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