The PDF files are the best option to send and save documents. You can open and read pdf files in any compatible PDF viewer. If you are having a number of documents, you can merge them into a single PDf document to send it through email or can save to your computer. But how to merge image files into a single PDF document.

You can convert image files into PDF in Windows 10 without installing any additional tools. To convert photos to PDF file, open the folder containing the images. Select the pictures that you want to convert to a single PDF file. You can press the Ctrl button to select multiple images. With the selected images, right click the mouse. In the popup menu click Print. The Print Picture dialog box appears. Here select the Microsoft Print to PDF. In the right side, select Full page photo, if you want to fit picture to frame, select Fit picture to frame. Once all the pictures added to it, click Print. Enter the file name to save and hit the Save button to save the file as PDF. Open the PDF file to view all the images inside the single PDF document.

You can also use third-party PDF tools to combine images to PDF file. There are some online tools available to combine images into a single PDF file. You can use the CutePDF printer or Bolt PDF printer software to create PDF files. To convert any file to PDF, select the PDF printer application installed as your printer from the Print menu, then, Print file to PDF.

PDF Printer Tools

Bullzip Free PDF Printer
The Bullzip PDF Printer works as a Microsoft Windows printer that allows you to write PDF documents from any Microsoft Windows application.

Free Image to PDF Optimizer
This open source free tool can convert image to PDF with a 60% compression rate. It supports multiple images and creates separate original and compressed PDF files.

Online PDF Converters
This is an easy to use online tool helps you to combine multiple images files into a single PDF document.

This browser-based tool helps to drag and drop your JPG image into their toolbox and convert it into a PDF document. You can add images from Google drive and from Dropbox.

You can find a number of PDF printer software and online PDF converter using a simple search. If you want to print the file as PDF, install any PDF Printer software, then open the document to convert to PDF or right-click the file to convert as PDF, click Print. Now Print dialogue box appears, now choose the installed PDF printer software as your printer. Then click Print. The PDF printer option appears and the documents to be converted to PDF. In the case of online PDF converter, upload the images into the image folder area, then select the options that you want and click Print.


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