Nowadays mobile phone comes with more and more memory storage to store files, data, videos, and images. But the new high-resolution mobile phone cameras, 4K high-resolution video recording capability, and more graphics-rich games consume much of the storage space. The result, you always get insufficient storage warning! How to overcome such a difficulty by expanding your phone storage limit to unlimited storage space. There are several ways to expand the storage capacity of your mobile phone. Before I begin, I will expand some technical terms for your knowledge. Storage means the space in your phone to keep photos, videos, music, and other files. The memory means the space where the Apps and Android system programs were running.

Free up space by deleting unwanted Apps
To free up storage space on your phone, open the Settings in your Android phone. In Device care, tap Storage, there you can see the amount of space that can be saved using the clean functionality. Click Clean now to clean the storage space. If you want to free up memory space to speed up your phones performance, tap Storage, then Memory, the amount of memory that can be saved by closing the background app is displayed here. Click Clean now to free up the memory space on your mobile phone.

In Apple phone, the IOS has some features to offload unused apps from the phone. In Settings, go to General, then About, you can see the amount of space used for IOS Applications. If you want to offload an app that you don’t use much, go to Settings, then General, then to iPhone Storage. In iPhone Storage, you can see the apps installed and space used by each app. You can see the last time you used the app and the space it occupied on your phone. On clicking the app you can see the Offload App option. It will free up storage used by the app but keep its documents and data. Reinstalling the app will place back your data if the app is still available in the App store. If you are deleting the app by pressing the Delete App, it will delete the app and all related data from the iPhone. But this action can’t be undone, all data will be deleted forever. After the offloading, the option becomes Reinstall App. If you want to use the app again, tap the Reinstall App.

Add additional Memory cards
Almost all new mobile phones have slots for memory cards. You can increase the storage by inserting an SD card. Before going to purchase an SD card, confirm your device supports additional SD card and maximum storage capacity that you can add to your device. After getting your SD card, turn off the phone first, then remove the SD card tray or back cover (depends on your phone model-check the Phone’s manual). Place the SD card into the slot. Put back the SD card tray safely or fix the back cover. If you get a notification after inserting the SD card, tap Set up. Tap the kind of storage that you want.

Use USB drive
You can transfer files to your portable USB thumb drives by connecting a USB OTG cable to your phones micro USB connector. You need to obtain a USB OTG cable to connect to your MicroUSB port of the phone. After connecting the USB device, you can see a notification, then tap USB drive to transfer media files in the notification bar. The micro USB OTG to USB connector cable helps to connect most USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard and some digital cameras. Thanks to technology, there are a number of OTG dual-drive pen drives are available from different manufacturers, to backup photos, videos, and contacts from your phone. Some USB drives have micro-USB and USB dual connectors. With a micro-USB connector on one end and a USB connector on the other, the drive lets you move content easily between your devices from your mobile phone or tablet to your laptop or PC.

Use cloud storage
You can easily store your photos, videos, and data to the cloud hosting solution using the dedicated apps. You can extend the phone storage space to unlimited storage space by adding a cloud storage account to your phone. You don’t want to buy or add any hardware to your phone, only you need a fast internet connection (home or office) to back up everything to the cloud storage. Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Amazon Drive, Box are some reputed cloud storage solutions.

Internal Memory to SD Card
You can free up the internal memory by moving the photos, videos, and downloads from your device to SD card. You can use Files to SD card apps to quickly transfer files to SD card.

You can also free up the internal storage by periodically transferring the photos, videos, and downloaded data to your computer or laptop by connecting your phone to the computer or laptop with the suitable cable supplied by the mobile phone manufacturer. After connecting the phone, you may get a notification on your screen for getting permission to access the data from your phone. Allow to give permission, then in the Notification bar, in Android system, tap Transferring files to transfer the files between the Mobile phone and computer. In most device, by default, it is set as Charging phone only, you need to tap it to change to Transferring files to view the files on your phone.


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