Nowadays it is a become common practice among the online sellers to offer a brand new phone by exchanging your old working phone. Most of those online companies offer a free pick service to collect your old mobile phone. You may get a good deal. Without much thinking, we may agree to the terms and handover our old phones get the new ones.

Is it a good idea to exchange phone than to sell it to someone directly through online or offline. Which one gets the most money. Definitely, your old phones get more money by selling it directly to the buyers. Before selling it remove data, clean the memory, do a factory reset to clean the data’s stored on the phone. You can replace the front glass panel if it is damaged, if you are using a screen protector, it may become dirty at this time. Remove it and place a neat screen and you can add anew pouch to give it a more attractive look.

Where to sell your old phone

Ok, we did some beatifications to our old phone, wiped all data and now where to sell? whom to contact to buy? Where to get the maxim price that it can get? To sell it online use Craiglist, OfferUp, Letgo, swappa, garage sales, and eBay to sell it to someone. In garage sales, enter your location in their search box to view garage sales going on in your area on a Google Map. Next, click on the red location flags to get the time and location of the sale.

There are some other sites offering similar service, Oodle,, Geebo, and Facebook Marketplace.

In India, you can use OLX and eBay. To know the current price of your phone use Cashify. Through some visual questionnaire, we can provide the current condition of the phone and about the charger, box, and bill. Finally, the site asks about the overall condition of the phone and finally, it displays your device current price. Budli also connects sellers with buyers.

Do you want to give your unwanted items as give away, Freecycle is a non-profit organization that lets you post your stuff to give away. It’s like Craigslist, but for free stuff. For selling and buying used clothes online go to ThredUp.  After sending the item a team of fashion experts go through the clothes and approve them for sale.

Final Thought

If you are exchanging your old phone with a new one with a big e-commerce website, you don’t want to think about the deal. You have to arrange the phone to give it to the pickup agent to get your new phone. If the phone is an Apple device you will definitely get more if you sell it directly. But it includes some risk, you have to find out the right person to offer you the right price, you can sell it directly through some electronic shops or through some servicing centers offering an exchange of old phones. You can post your listings with expecting price in an online marketplace website and wait for the response, if not get enough response, you can adjust the price and once you get some good deals try to complete it to secure your profit, as the time passes the price may drop further and may lose your profit. It is the worst idea to keep it an unused item for a long time, as time passes, newer and newer models come on the market and the price of the older models drops. There is a chance to get the battery damaged if it does not care well.


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