Sometimes w may want to leave our computer for a short time without want to close our current work. Normally, what we are doing is leave it as it is. Sometimes we may turn off the monitor and leave for some other task. If didn’t turn off the monitor it goes to sleep mode and the computer after a preferred defined time.

But your work is still accessible to anybody by just by waking up the monitor or computer from the sleep. To setup the power and sleep setting, go to ‘Power & sleep’ in System Settings. Click  ‘Power & sleep’ , there you can see the screen turn off time, you can change the time to turn off the screen to sleep when not in use. The same way you can change the sleep mode time.

Now how to protect quickly from unauthorized access in our computer. You can setup a password to login your windows operating system. To set up a password on Windows, go to settings, then select ‘Accounts’, change your password by clicking ‘Change’ in ‘Password’. You can also create a PIN to login or you can use picture password to login to your PC.

To Lock PC you can use any of these methods,

Method 1 : Windows+L
Use the Windows key in keyboard and the L key. Just press Windows+L to lock your PC fast, to unlock hit enter and give the password.

Method 2 : Ctrl+Alt+Del
You can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. A new full screen menu appears with blue background just click the first item in the menu, ‘Lock’.  Screen is locked now.

Method 3 : Use the Windows Start button
Click the Windows Start button located at the bottom-left corner of your PC’s screen. Click the user icon, a new menu popup select Lock. Screen will be locked.

Method 4 : Automatic locking
Do you want to automatically lock your screen. Go to windows Control Panel  (if you can’t find it, just search Control Panel), in ‘Control Panel’ click ‘Appearance & Personalization’. Then select ‘Change screen saver’ , there you can find a check box asking for ‘On resume, display logon screen’. The time to wait to start the screen saver can also can be set by giving the time in minutes to wait. See the screenshot to find the settings.

Which method you are using? Is there any other ways to lock the screen, if there please let us know.


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