Windows 10 File Explorer is the file management tool in Windows to browser folders and files. The File Explorer provides an easy to use a graphical interface to access the files and folders.

In Quick Access, the recent files and documents that you are opened recently are displayed. The File Explorer displays the recently opened files, so you don’t want to dive into folders and files to access the recently used files and folders. The Quick Access is a nice feature, but sometimes it reveals the files and folders to other users of your computer that you accessed recently. Wondering how to clear the Quick access? In theFile Explorer, Click File, in the File menu, click Change folder and search options.

In the Folder Options popup menu, in the General tab under Privacy, click the Clear button next to Clear File Explorer history to clear the recent file history. This will delete the indexes of recent access files and the windows start to rebuild the history from the start as you use the files and documents. You can disable this Quick access feature by disabling the two checkboxes under the Privacy. The first one is Show recently used files in quick access and the second one is Show frequently used folders in Quick access.


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