Windows 10 has a market share of 39.22 percent in the desktop PC segment. Even Windows 10 is one of the stable and feature-rich operating systems, some times the Windows users may experience some errors that threaten the files and data stored on the computer. So a full backup of the system and files is crucial to safeguard your system.

Backup PC to External hard disk
You can use File History to back up Windows to an external drive or to a network location. To backup, click Start button then Settings>Update & Security> Backup. Then in Backup using File History, you can back up your files to another drive and restore them if the originals are lost, damaged or deleted by clicking the Add a drive.

In the new box, select a drive to back up your files. To restore the files, in search box type Restore files. Then select Restore your files with file history (In Setting>Backup click More options and under Related settings, click Restore files from a current backup). Select the file that you want to restore and select Restore to save it to its original location. You can restore it to a different location by right-clicking the Restore and selecting Restore to. You can choose a different location to restore the files.


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