You may heard about or used Flickr so many times. Flickr is a picture gallery with some advanced features like groups, chat and photo ratings. Flickr is one of the best site on the web for organizing, sharing and storing your photos. Flickr provided with useful tools for easy collaboration with one of the world’s most passionate photo communities.

You can explore recent photos from the ‘Explore’ menu. Just click an image, you can see the picture with Photographer’s description about the image. Look the right side of the page, you can see the Camera and lens used to take the picture. Camera Name with camera photo, aperture used, lens zoom, ISO, Flash details. Need more information, click “Show EXIF’, displays software used, exposure, metering mode, date and time, lens information, format used, etc. You can view the trending photos in ‘Trending’ from Explore menu. You can explore Flickr photos in 360° using Flickr VR app and Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. Just try Samsung Gear VR with Flickr and feel like you’ve been transported to another place. For that, snap your compatible Galaxy smartphone into the Samsung Gear VR, download the Flickr VR App, and tap the Flickr logo to energize. You can experience the VR photos without any equipment by clicking and dragging around a 360° photo with your mouse on the Flickr VR photo page. Visit Flickr VR page click a photo shown under the “Explore VR photos’, drag the mouse on the photo to experience the VR effect. In Flickr map (Flickr world map) you can search for photos taken in your neighborhood or a city or a state.

Flickr Camera Finder

You can find most popular camera brands and models that most photographers are using. You can find popular models on each brands and it’s popularity over time. You can see the camera brands and models used in the Flickr community, click the camera model that you want t o check, say Nikon D750, you can see the D750 usage over the year. You can check the  photos shot with that camera by selecting ‘Now showing’ (landscape, macro, action, portraits, etc.).

Upload photos from your Smart Phone
Did you know that you can upload photos directly from your camera phone into Flickr? There is an email address set up for you, just go to this page. Enter the email address into your phone and send! Make sure you have email on your phone plan or it won’t work. If you have a cameraphone AND a blog, you can post directly to your blog from your phone in one easy step. First, set up your blog, then go to the email setup page. Enter the 2nd email address into your phone too.
Flickr Phoos

Flickr members
When you click the ‘People’ in Flickr you can find the Flickr members and number of photos shared, connections and month of joining in Flickr. You can follow members by clicking ‘Follow’ button. On clicking the member name you will be welcomed to their Photostream. You can view the user’s album, Favorite photos (Faves), galleries and groups.

Flickr Groups
No doubt, Flickr is a place where photographers from all over the world come together and share their work to get admiration and suggestions from others. Here we can find different groups of like-minded photographers willing to provide feedback and comments.

Flickr Blog
Look around, see whose stuff you like. Check out The Flickr Blog, which serves you great content daily, or keep an eye on the page showing everyone’s uploads. Or better yet, invite your family and friends to see your own photostream, so they can leave notes and comments and tags for you. there are several categories like, Flickr Friday, Photographer spotlight, the weekly Flickr etc. In the Photographer spotlight session you can learn and inspired from a big list of talented amateur and professional photographers. You can read how Eric Pare, a Montreal-based commercial photographer created ‘A Light Ninja With Two-Dollar Tubes‘. Some of the Flickr photographers are completely self-taught photographers. They learned about photography from Internet tutorials and interactive groups (through Flickr and other photo communities).

Flickr Code
To further that effort, today we are introducing similarity search on Flickr. If you hover over a photo on a search result page, you will reveal a “…” button that exposes a menu that gives you the option to search for photos similar to the photo you are currently viewing.

How To Organize your Photos and  Video
When you upload photos on Flickr, you can see a little box, enter tags there. Tags make it easy for you to find your photos later on when you’ve uploaded loads of things. There is also a space to enter tags on the right on each photo page and you can add tags when using Organizer. To enter tags, type some keywords relevant to the picture, with spaces in between, like “sky park dog blue grass green”. Don’t have any idea about tags, just visit this page to see most popular tags on Flick r- Don’t want to share your photos publicly, don’t worry, here is a solution, when you upload your photos, check the box that says “Public” or “Private”. Private photos are completely hidden from everyone except you.  Now, if you want to be visible to your family or friends, simple,  just check those boxes. You can change the privacy of something at any time by clicking on the red (for private) or green (for public) button. You can also set up a private group and invite your friends and family to join it. If you invite them from the group’s page, they are automatically made a member. You can then add content to the group’s photo pool that every member of the group can see. To automatically upload photos to Flickr from your camera checkout Flickr tools. You can get Android and IOS app for back up all your photos and videos from your device in one place. You can access, organize and share your photos from anywhere with Flickr from your phone and tablet with these apps. For editing videos, you can use applications like, Movavi Photo Editor or PaintShop Pro .


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