Weather forecasting is important these days to reduce weather-related losses and to protect life and property. Traditional weather forecasting methods use temperature, wind, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, wind direction, and humidity. In old days, only trained observers can only predict the weather. Nowadays, weather forecasting application uses science and technology to predict the weather for a future time in a given geographic location. Weather forecast is done by collecting data related to the current state of the atmosphere.

One can predict the weather by observing the cloud formation. The size, direction, and color of the clouds give you some ideas about the weather. Meteorologists are scientists who study the weather and put together a forecast. There are some ready-made weather station hardware and apps available to monitor the weather in your area. A weather station is a device having instruments for measuring atmospheric conditions to provide information about the weather condition. To predict the weather you won’t need to purchase any equipment if you are not a researcher or a meteorologist.

Thanks to the internet, there are a number of websites and apps available to track and monitor weather conditions. These weather radar applications can monitor wind and waves and can predict weather for kiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, and sailors.

Windy is the first weather forecasting app that we want to introduce. It is an extraordinary application for weather forecast visualization. It brings all the world’s leading weather forecasting models from wind, rain, temperature, and pressure. It also offers convenient weather maps at your fingertips.

AccuWeather is another weather forecasting application for local and international weather forecasts using the latest weather forecasting technology featuring up-to-the-minute weather reports. It offers in-depth forecast news, the latest forecast updates, severe weather alerts, and today’s weather. AccuWeather also provides a daily snapshot of vital stats and detailed live radar maps.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel and provide global or local weather forecasts for cities. It has weather radar, air pollution monitoring, and other weather monitoring systems.

All of these applications have their own Android or ios app available. Most of the app features are free to use. With these apps, you can track a tropical storm or potentially severe weather easily. You can now plan a trip, and pursue an outdoor sport without worrying about the weather condition, as these apps provide you with the most up-to-date weather forecast around.


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