If you are technology geek, blogger, editor or content creator you can improve your productivity with multiple monitor display setup. You have at least one LCD or LED display with your computer at this time. Adding one more monitor will surely improve the screen real estate. More screen means more area to work with. If you have any experience with office software or with photo or video editor software or when writing something on the screen, you may feel how hard it is to open up a reference page or image folder each time to refer or select something. The other window may be below of the active window. So you have to click and active it each time or you need to minimize your active window or want to maximize your reference window, either way it is a herculean task to edit a page or to create some artwork with a single monitor. You can plug an additional monitor to your computer if the motherboard supports multiple monitors. First check the mother board features and check whether it supports multiple monitor or not. If yes, check the type of connectors available, now most motherboard have VGA, DVI and HDMI ports. One of he port is now engaged with your present monitor, check the other display port available and obtain connectors for it to connect your new monitor.

Just plug the new monitor and the Windows will automatically detect the new monitor and extends the desktop onto it. Now you can simply drag drop windows between monitors. There are several ways to configure your monitors.  PC Screen only: Here Windows will only use your primary monitor, and the other monitors won’t use and appears black. Duplicate: Here Windows OS will show the same image on other monitor. This is useful if you want to present something to someone, so both people can see the same Window. Extend: In this setting the display will enlarge and extend giving room for another screen to work with you. Second screen only: Here the primary display will be turn off and the secondary display only will be available.


This is the easiest method. This power packed app comes with tons of features to easily organize your Windows by adding a Taskbar to each of your monitors. DisplayFusion helps to setup multi-monitor  setup with powerful features like Multi-Monitor taskbars, multi monitor screensavers, title-bar buttons and fully customizable Functions. DisplayFusion’s monitor configuration helps to configure your monitor resolution, orientation, refresh rate, colour depth, and positioning. You can control monitor settings, profiles, splitting, and padding for bezel compensation. The Windows Lock Screen image changer is help you to easily customize your Windows Lock Screen. You can see various settings available on the Display Fusion.

Intel Graphics Control Panel

This Intel Graphics Control Panel is available only on systems using Intel Graphics Controllers with the correct drivers installed. Before diving into Cortona, just confirm your system uses an Intel Graphics Controller and has the latest Intel Graphics Driver installed. Now finding the Intel Graphics Settings, in desktop mode, right-click the Desktop, and select Intel Graphics Settings (you can press CTRL+ALT+F12 on your keyboard), or just search for Intel graphics control panel in Cortona. On the Graphics settings screen you can find Display, 3D, Video, Profiles, etc. Click ‘Display’, you will be greeted with a display like the one shown above. Select ‘Multiple displays’ on the left panel. There you can select the display mode, single display, clone display, extended display and collage. You can select the Primary and secondary display. Don’t have any idea about which one is the primary, just click the ‘Identify Displays’, then your displayed will be shown as numbered. Now you can select one that you need as the primary display.


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