Did you ever think of a day without the internet? Before the invention of the internet, it is not a big problem, or even no one know what had happened. However, now things are changed a lot. We cannot think of a day without the internet. It strongly related to our daily life. From banking’s to travelling, online booking to shopping, researching to partner finding, everywhere it is used. This technology changed our life a lot. We can now know any information from our living room or where ever we are, we can connect to anyone, we can find any information, we can find flights, travel, accommodation, account balance, purchasing, cash transaction, connecting, contacting, watching movies, listening to music, joking, etc. There is no other technology has this much of influence to people all over the world. It can use the rich in the poor. It can use common man to a diplomat!

     The internet is growing day by day, minutes by minute and second by second. Millions of contents, videos, photos, tweets, file uploads are happening every hour. Nearly 70+ domains registered in every minute. 694,445 search queries are entered into  the Google search box every minute. 168 million emails are sending in every minute. 600+ new videos are adding to YouTube in each minute. 98,000 tweets are sending in every minute. In addition, to this 13,000+ iPhone downloads in every minute, 6 billion pages are added to the web every day, 60+ new blogs are created every minute, so on. So, possibly you are interested to know what is happening in the internet every minute. Here is a cool infographic showing what things are happening on the internet every second. The infographic only considered most popular tools, apps and destinations. Millions of other things are happening on the internet every minute.


{Source Go-Globe.com}

What is your opinion about it? Can you predict the future of it? Can you imagine the situation, having no access to anyone or no information about the internet for a  few days due to some technical problems or due to some advanced viruses? How can we overcome such a situation? Can you suggest some alternative solutions for it?


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