Do you want to add and save some locations on Google Maps to show it somebody or to quickly find it later? You can save favorite places in Google Maps, so you can quickly find it later. This post if for adding a mark to Google map and saving it.

To save a place, you need to login to Google maps using your account. Now search for a place or set of latitude and longitude. In the left sidebar, click Save (next to the Directions). A popup menu, Save in your lists appears. You can save to Favorites, Want to go, Starred places, or to a new list. To create a new list click the New list, give a name for a new list. You can share the map by clicking the Share button. You can send the link, by copying the link that appears in the share box. You can also embed a map, by clicking Embed a map in share. You can choose the map size from small to large or you can provide the size in custom size.

To see the saved map, open the Google map, in the top left corner click the Menu, click Your places. In Your places, under the Saved, you can see the lists. Click the list to see the places. To edit the list click the three vertical button right to it. In the popup menu, click the Edit list. To remove a place from the list, in the Edit list, click the Remove button.


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