Most of us viewed and used youtube videos. But do you think about which videos are more popular  or most viewed in a specific category, say ‘gaming’ or ‘science and technology’, or you want to know which type of videos interested by specific age group, say ‘25-34’ or do you want to know more specific details about what males or female in a specific age group like the most videos. Don’t worry, here is the solution for it. YouTube has unveiled an interesting tool at that will help you track the most popular videos in a particular city /country or videos that are currently popular with a certain age group.

Youtube trends   

       YouTube has another tool youtube charts, that shows the most viewed YouTube videos by categories.

youtube chart-games

     You can use the charts page to learn about videos that have got the most comments or ones that have favourite the maximum number of times on YouTube.

youtube chart-T

     Mostviewed videos on Youtube can be arrange today, this week,this month and all time. The videos can be arranged as most discussed videos , most liked, most described, most viewed HD videos, most viewed users and top favorited videos can be viewed.

youtube chart youtube chart-T

       The above screenshots shows different items one can see using the charts.


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