With the advent of technology, new phones with a lot of features and with more powerful hardware came day by day. Manufacturers are coming up with new models with more advanced features that tempt the users to upgrade their old devices to new ones. If you have any enough budget in your hand buying a new phone is an easy task but transferring all files, photos, videos, and contacts to the new phone becomes tedious to most users. Many users consider moving contacts from one phone to another is a daunting task. Through this article, you will learn the methods to transfer your files, photo, videos, and contacts to your new phone effortlessly.

Nowadays almost all smartphone is signed with a cloud account to sync and backup all your files to the cloud. In the Samsung Android phones, the phone is signed to your Google account. In your Android phone, go to Settings. Find Accounts and Backup. In Accounts, you can see the account(s) that auto-sync your data with your phone. In Accounts and backup, you can see various backup restore options. Depends on your phone manufacturer, you may have several options to backup and restore your data. In the case of a Samsung smartphone, Samsung Cloud, and Smart switch is there to back up your data. In Oppo phone, in Settings>Additional settings you can see the Backup and restore option. Under Google backup, the backup account for the Google backup will be displayed. The Backup and restore option is situated in Settings in your Android phone, but the backup and restore location may be placed in different locations in Settings and it depends on the phone manufacturer. Find Backup and restore in Settings, if you couldn’t find in settings, search for Backup in Settings. The backup and restore option will be displayed. Check the best selling phones of top manufacturers in Amazon.


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