There are few platforms that conquered the hearts of the mobile and portable devices users. The Google Android, Apple IOS are the winner in the battle.  But, Microsoft comes with it’s new Windows Phone platform, RIM’s Blackberry OS is there for a long time and Mozilla announced a new Firefox OS.  At this time a new mobile OS is released, it is Jolla’s Sailfish OS. Jolla did a great work to implement a different new mobile operating system named as Sailfish.


The main problem with mobile OS is the patent for using the gestures and actions. The Sailfish is based on the “swipe” gestures, a convention borrowed from the Nokia N9. You may heard about the direct ancestor of Sailfish the old operating system ‘MeeGo’. Most of the users believed that Meego was dead, but it is a real comeback of Meego like the Sphinx from the ashes.  There is no surprise about this nice collaboration as the most of the Jolla team came from Nokia and previously worked on MeeGo OS.

Now a little about the new OS. The new operating system is all about it’s speed, intuitive interaction and multitasking. Swiping from one side of a tile will skip tracks if it’s a music player.  The specialty of operating system is it uses a pulley menu system that allows users to access major features such as music playback controls and call capability, all possible without opening an application. For Android users and fans, here is the great news, it supports many Android applications, such applications can be run on Sailfish handsets with little or no modification. In the hardware part the OS  supports multiple chipset technologies, including the NovaThor platform. Then what about the application development in Sailfish, as expected the Sailfish SDK is currently available for developers, which includes Mer Core’s tools, Qt Creator, Jolla UI components, Sailfish UI framework, and Sailfish handset application interfaces.

Here is the presentation of Jolla’s Sailfish operating system video.  See the videos and experience yourself the new operating system and user interface. Jolla is working with original equipment manufactures (OEM) to include the OS in their devices. Let’s wait and watch. The new OS will surely be a sensation in the mobile operating system industry and if it can win the heart of the users, it will be a real threat to the mobile OS giants. At this time we couldn’t predicts it’s future. Let’s wait for some devices to come out, which are using the new OS.  What you think about the Jolla’s Sailfish? Is it become a sensation in mobile industry or not ?


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