chrome-webGLGoogle is working on a new 3D application, called Google Body Browser, which has been hailed as a breakthrough to revolutionise people’s understanding of the human body and fast-track medical research. The application, lets one explore the human body in much the same way you can navigate the world on Google Earth (an application) – a virtual globe, map and geographical information programme. Here is a preview of Google’s Body browser page.

google body browser 
         Google has been tight-lipped about the development of the new application, but a video has appeared online which provides a sneak peek at how the tool will work. Google Body Browser  introducing a new internet technology called WebGL, that will allow complex 3D graphics to be used on normal web pages, without the need for specially adapted browser plug-ins like Flash or Java.

         Ahead of its official unveiling Google has released a version available on WebGL-supported browsers or beta versions of Firefox and Google Chrome, which can be downloaded from the Google Body Browser site ( ). WebGL is expected to become standard in new versions of most Internet browsers, including Firefox, to be released next year.At the WebGL Camp at SRI, Google’s WebGL team demoed the Web3D medical application called Google Body Browser, which lets us explore the human body just like how you can explore the Google Earth. The main feature of this application is Flash, Java or any other plugins are not required for this application,and it can completely run on any WebGL supported browser.WebGL is expected to become standard in new versions of most Internet browsers, including Firefox, to be released next year.

        To use Body Browser, you’ll need a Web browser with WebGL support, you can download the new chrome beta from the following link – To know more about the webGL implementation-which is under development, please visit – .

         What you think about Google’s new innovation, we will come up with latest news as it is available. Read to keep up with the latest news about Google Body Browser and more…


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