Do you want to use Emojis on your computer? Did you know you have an emoji keyboard at your fingertips in Windows 10? That emoji keyboard is hidden from the normal view. The Emoji keyboard has smiley faces, people, celebrations and objects, transportation and symbols.

The keyboard shortcut for emojis
To access the emoji keyboard on Windows 10 computer press the Windows key (the key with a Windows logo) and the period (dot) button together. Wondering how to insert an image in your writing? To enter an emoji, type something on your application like word, email, or some posts on social media. Press the Windows key with the Period button, the emoji keyboard will be opened up at the location of the cursor. Select the emoji that you want to insert and click it to insert on your post.

You can insert the emojis where you want, just by placing the cursor where you want to insert the emoji and by pressing the Windows key and period together. To find an image open the emoji keyboard and continue typing as you type the related emoji will be displayed. When the emoji keyboard is on and you type home the home emoji will be displayed. The emoji keyboard shows most recently used emojis, smiley faces and animals, people, celebrations and objects, food and plants, transportation and places and symbols. You can check yourself and share your experience with us.


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