Now DJ party is highly popularised, the digital deejaying has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. Compared to a full setup with all the hardware and physical media it requires, an MP3-based mixing station is extremely simple and cheap. Do you want to start your own DJ,do you need a free software to get started, ya here is one, it is free and also one of the most popular programs available – the Virtual DJ. virtualdj

       Virtual DJ is often packaged with USB-based hardware mixing consoles from the likes of Hercules and Numark, and, in fact, if you really want to delve into the full array of features, such devices are going to be a necessity. You can download the app by itself and make very basic mixes and playlists.The program isn’t specifically meant for newbies, it is intuitive enough for a musically inclined individual to use right off the bat. Once installed, Virtual DJ automatically populates a folder tree in the bottom left corner where you can easily access your music collection. The bottom middle serves as a tabbed, multifunction area where you can browse tracks, sample music bites, add effects, and make recordings.

       The top of the window is dominated by two digital turntables, which are distinguished by color: blue on the left and red on the right. Each one has the ability to cue, loop, adjust pitch, scratch, and shift (among other features). In the middle is the mixing console, where you can adjust the gain and master volume, as well as transition between the two tracks. Once the songs have been dragged and dropped into the console, a bar along the top displays the sound waves of each to help with visual mixing. There’s also a video input option that lets you create montages to the music.

Virtual DJ software Download (28.61MB)

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     Most of these tools are paid versions, but you have to try it for a few days or for a month but Virtual DJ is totally free. What you think about this ?


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