Did you ever wonder how to change the color of an HTML page or a website? If you look at the HTML code you can see sox hex codes start with a pound sign (#). Wondering what color this code represents?

The color hex code is used to specify color using hexadecimal values. The codes start with pound sign (#) followed by three hex value pairs. This code represents the composition of color in a specific pattern in RGB. In RGB, the first pair represents Red, the second pair for Green and the third pair for Blue. The decimal values ranging from 0 to 255 or in hexadecimal 0 to FF in a format #RRGGBB. If all the colors put together the resultant color is white. The color hex code for white color is #FFFFFF in RGB (255, 255, 255) , so for black color, it is #000000. The code for pure red color is #FF0000, it means show maximum red and no green and no blue- the result is pure red color. Similar way, #00FF00 is for green and #0000FF for blue. I think you’ve got the idea.

Wondering how to remember all those color codes that represent each color? You don’t want to remember al those codes, there are a number of sites offering hex color codes. By visiting any of these sites to find out the HTML color codes for your website using the easy color picker or color chart, and HTML hex color codes. Using color picker you can search for the perfect color from millions of colors.

HTMLcolorcodes provides different ways to pick the right color code using various tools. The color codes represent colors in a format that the computer can interpret and display. There are a variety of formats, Hex color codes, RGB, and HTML color names. The site offers color picker, color chart, and color names.

HTML Color codes
HTML color codes offer color tools like HTML color chart, HTML color picker, colors from the image, color format conversion, and color names. The color names help you to find and identify the names of each color.


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