All the browsers have an option to save passwords on the browser. If you have a saved password you can easily log in using the saved passwords. If you have saved a password for a site, when you visit that site the browser will automatically fill in the sign-up form. If you have used more than one password, you need to select the user name field and chose the sign-in info that you want to use. You can see, edit or delete the saved passwords from the browser. The saved passwords and info can expose the protected data to anyone who uses your computer or others on the internet.

Each browser has its own settings to view, edit or delete saved passwords. When you visit a website that requires a sign-in, the browser will ask you if your username and password remembered. The next time you visit that site, the browser will finish filling in your account info.

Google Chrome
In Google Chrome, at the right, you can see a profile icon, click profile then password ( a key icon). You can see the password screen. You can also access the auto-fill section by clicking the Settings>Autofill>Passwords. To clear all saved passwords, Clear browsing data, and select Passwords. To delete your browsing data, at the top right click More, then More tools>Clear browsing data. In the Clear browsing data box, in Advanced, select Passwords and other sign-in data. To show the password stored in Chrome, to the right of the website address bar click the password (a key) icon. To delete the password click the Delete button to manage passwords click the Manage passwords.

Microsoft Edge
To clear all saved passwords from Edge, go to Settings> Privacy, search and services>Clear browsing data>Choose what to clear. Next, select Passwords and then select Clear now. To turn off the password saving feature in Edge, go to Settings>Passwords>Offer to save passwords (use the toggle to turn off).

Firefox Browser
Like other browsers, Firefox automatically saves and fills in your login information by default, so you wouldn’t have to enter them every time. Click on the menu button to open the menu panel. Click Logins and Passwords. Click the Firefox Lockwise menu (three dots), then click Options. The Firefox Options Privacy & Security panel will open to the Logins and Passwords section. Add a checkmark next to Autofill logins and passwords to enable it, or uncheck to disable it.

Browser auto login is a handy tool to save and manage passwords and personal info. When you visit a website with a long form to fill, the browser will automatically finish filling in your stored account info. But it also allows others to login to those sites using the saved passwords when using your laptop or desktop computer. So, it is not a preferred option in a public computer but it becomes handy when you are using your personal computer or laptop.


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