Many of us use adobe readers to read eBooks, notes and and tutorials which are available in the internet in PDF format. One of the main thing that you noticed when you are using the adobe reader is the option to highlight some important points that you think is worth to refer. If you are reading a good book on an interesting topic, inside the books you find a lot of tips good for you, so you want to mark it to reread or want to copy to a book and don’t want to stop reading and move from the coach or you want to add some comments to some text, which you want to refer more. Then what to do? If it is in a printed book you can mark it using a pen, or using a highlighter or you can use a bookmark. Here is a cool tip for it, download the latest version of Adobe PDF reader-the new adobe reader X– which comes with a lot of features like highlighter, commenting, file searching tool etc. Some of the new features are,

Sticky notes and Highlight text

Now you can easily add sticky notes to your PDF file or highlight some important points easily in Adobe reader X. You can view a screenshot of how it works in an actual document. 

      reader-commenting    Adobe-X

Enhanced commenting tools

Make notes and share your feedback with others by marking up PDF documents using the Sticky Notes and Highlighter tools.


Simplified user interface

View information more precisely and efficiently. Choose reading mode to fit more content on the screen or two-up mode to view page spreads. Use keyboard shortcuts like print, zoom, and find within the browser.

Adobe read mode

Comprehensive file searching

Find and retrieve any PDF document or phrase within a document in seconds. Search for words in page content, annotations, bookmarks, form fields, or document metadata within any PDF file on a local computer.

Accelerometer support

Take advantage of this feature that automatically reorients a PDF in landscape or portrait view depending on the position of your mobile device.

What you think about this new features? Can you suggest some other uses of these tools?


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