When I talk about computer hard disk, you may think about those drives C, D, E, F, etc. These are partitions of a physical drive. The partitioning makes a physical hard drive into smaller logical harddisks. You may think why partition is needed for a hard disk? You may notice that your operating system and the applications are installed on a separate drive, and your photos, videos, and all other files are stored on another drive. You may wonder why Windows is installed on a separate drive. The reason is if any problems happen to the operating system and needs to reinstall the OS, one can easily format the drive and reinstall the OS without affecting your personal files and data. If something goes wrong with the OS, your data will be safe.

You can view the current partition in My Computer. Check your hard drive to have enough space to store your files. The drive that installed your OS (normally the C drive), this drive needs some space to install a new application. Windows Disk Management is an in-built tool well known to many PC users. This tool help you to visually manage and re-arrange partition without rebooting your system. You can create, delete and format the partition. You can change the drive letter and paths, extend and shrink partition using this tool. To view the Disk Management, right-click on the Windows Start menu (you can also use Windows+X). In the pop-up menu select the Disk Management. You can also access disk management by type Create and format hard disk partitions in the search box. Click the Create and format hard disk partitions from the results. In the above screenshot, you can see by right-clicking the partition, you can get a menu like the one shown above. You can change drive letter and paths, Format disk, Shrink, Extend and delete the volume. But before making any changes think twice, the changes made on a drive may affect your stored data. The Format option wipes out all data on that drive and Delete volume will delete the selected drive!

EaseUS Partition Master
EaseUS Partition Master is a free software to create, resize, clone, move, merge, and format partitions. This software has some cool features than the Windows Disk manager, you can flexibly adjust partition size by sliding the partition left and right or enter the exact partition size you want. If your computer is suffering from low disk space issues, you can merge small partitions into a large partition. You can format the hard disk, SSD, USB, memory card, SD card or can delete a partition to make it available for reuse. You can completely wipe out all the data on hard disk permanently to save all confidential data from your storage disk. The professional version comes with a lot of features but at a price.


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