Ebooks are the new way of reading books on the go. There are plenty of sites offering free ebooks on a variety of subjects. Anyone can download and read those ebooks for free. To read an ebook an ebook reader device is necessary. The ebook reader has an e-ink display and essential tools installed to read ebooks. Kindle reader is the best ebook reader to read Kindle books. Kindle devices are for avid readers who want to read books, magazines and other digital media through Kindle store. Though some people like to read a book on a large screen than to read on a small screen. No all have the Kindle ebook reader to read ebooks. For those people than can use your computer or mobile phone to read ebooks.

Ebooks are available in different formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .chm, .cbr, .djvu, .epub, .azw, .azw3, .lit, .mobi, .ibooks are some of the common ebook formats. Wondered, what are these formats? I will explain some formats a bit of detail to get an idea about its packaging. The Portable Document Format, .pdf file is the popular Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Several ebooks are available in PDF format, it is easier to read as plenty of applications available to read PDF files including the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application. The .doc and .docx are Microsoft word files, this format is easily editable and can convert to any other file format. .chm is compiled HTML format. .djvu is a specialized format with an advanced compressor to store scanned documents. .epub is a popular vendor-independent XML based ebook format created by the International Digital Publishing Forum. The .azw and .azw3 are Amazon Kindle ebook format. The ebooks are protected with DRM (Digital Rights Management), it is a method to restrict access to digital content.

As I said earlier, ebooks are in digital format, so it requires some specific apps or devices to read the ebooks. Amazon Kindle requires a Kindle ebook reader to read the ebook. Still, you can read Kindle ebooks using Kindle Cloud Reader, Amazon Kindle for PC, ebook-reader Apps, and using Amazon Kindle app for mobile.

Kindle Cloud Reader
To read Kindle ebook using cloud reader, you need to sign-n using your Amazon account. You can read directly from your browser, any existing titles that you purchased will appear under the Cloud tab.

Amazon Kindle for PC
Kindle apps are available for PC, Mac, ios, and Android. Just download and install the Amazon Kindle App and sign-in using your Amazon account to read ebooks on your computer.

Amazon Kindle for Mac
Just like the Amazon Kindle for PC, you can download the Kindle app for Mac.

Amazon Kindle for Android
(Amazon Kindle in Play store)
You can read the book wherever you are. You can read book while you are traveling, at your office, in your bed using the mobile app. You can choose from over seven million Kindle eBooks, comics and new releases using the app. With this app, you can turn your smartphone or tablet to an ebook reader and you can read your favorite book anytime, anywhere.

Amazon Kindle for IOS
(Kindle app from App store)
With the Kindle app, Amazon Kindle Unlimited members can enjoy the unlimited read and listen from over one million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and current magazines. You can turn your iPhone or iPad into a book with the free Kindle app.

I have an Amazon Kindle ebook reader and ebook app installed on my PC, tablet, and smartphone. So I can read ebooks when I get free time. There are a huge number of free ebooks available on the Kindle store. You can also read classic fiction and non-fiction books free of cost. Almost all the popular classic titles are available on the Kindle store. If you are a serious reader, you can invest in a Kindle ebook reader device. This device is purposely built for reading providing a display that reads like paper. You can adjust the text size and boldness and read with hand-tuned Kindle-exclusive fonts that provide maximum readability. This is the best feature when considering an ebook reader than a printed textbook. Most devices support up to 4GB of storage, enough space to store thousands of books.


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