Google Maps is a mapping service form Google. It changed the way we navigate the world. All of us familiar with this cool tool to find out the direction and route. But many people are unaware of various services offered by Google map. Here are some useful things you can do with Google map.

Measure distance
To measure a distance in Google map select the starting point. Right-click the starting point in the popup menu choose Measure distance. Click the finale destination to create a path to measure the distance. To add another location, click another location on the map. To move a path, drag a point or path. To remove a point click the point to remove it. You can see a popup box at the bottom showing distance in m and in ft.

Maps street view
Do you want to see photos of the places that you want to visit? You can use street view to see photos of the places you are planning to visit. You can explore world landmarks, watch natural wonders, step inside a museum, arena, restaurant, etc. The street view photos are from two sources, from Google, and from contributors. The Google-owned content credit Google maps or Street view and people faces are automatically blurred. User-contributed content contains a clickable account name, and with a profile photo. In Google map, at the bottom right you can see a Pegman (see the picture below). Click and drag the Pegman to the area that you wish to see. At the time, when you click the Pegman, the blue dots, lines and orange dots are appears on the map. Click and drop Pegman on any blue dot to see the street view of that area.

Getting Directions and Routes
You can get directions for driving, walking, cycling on Google maps. Google show multiple routes to a destination and the best route is appears in blue, other routes are in gray. To get a route map, in Google maps click Directions (on the right side of the search box, a white arrow in a blue box). Now a new window appears on the left panel. Choose any of the recommended travel modes like Driving, Transit, walking, cycling, and flights. Choose the starting point on the map, then choose the destination point. You can click the points on the map that you want to go or you can type places or addresses that you want to go. Remember when using Google map’s direction. if any doubt about the route, follow signage from the path or road and never hesitate anybody to get the right direction.

Download maps
If you are going to a place where you are expecting a slow internet connection, it is a wise idea to save an area from Google map to your phone or tablet to use it offline. In the Google maps app (first, sign in to Google map), search the place that you are planning to visit. At the bottom, tap the name of the place, tap Download. If it is a restaurant tap more, next Download offline map, then Download. You can save your map to
SD card if you are struggling with internal storage space. In Google Maps app, at the top left, tap the Menu, then Offline maps. In the top right tap Settings. Under storage preferences, tap Device then SD card. You can save an area to your SD card using this method.

Share your current location
If someone shares their location with you through Google maps location sharing, you can see them in Menu> Location sharing. To stop sharing your location, open the Location sharing settings. Remove the person, that you want to stop sharing your location.


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