Are you getting bored of the normal user interface that Windows 7 has provided us. One of the best things one can get from the Windows8 is the attractive log-in and screen lock system. Don’t have the patient to wait for it, till the release of  Windows8, then this solution is for you.  Sourceforge user bluezap created a new interface with tons of special features to protect your privacy,data and to make your user experience better. The tool he made is the WinLock Pro, which was inspired by the new Windows 8.

WLP LockScreen

BlueZap’s Win Lock Pro is a free screen-locking and Windows log-in application that takes its inspiration from the Windows 8 log-in and screen lock system. After the release of the Developers preview, the programmer was immediately drawn towards its simplicity and beauty. The new and improved metro interface to all the minor changes caught his attention. He was astonished by seeing the excellent Lock Screen and logon interface that Windows 8 provided the home user, a simple and easy way to access your PC at any time without any trouble. After browsing online one day, he realized that there were a countless number of blogs and forums dedicated towards this topic. The thoughts finally brings this experience all the way to Windows 7,Vista and XP through WinLock Pro.

WLP LogonScreen

Logon screen is an exact replica of the windows 8 Logon screen. You can choose from an army of HD backgrounds that had embedded into the program or you can also select a custom background from your files.


WLP Settings    WLP EnterPass

Project Page :


How is your experience with the WinLock Pro. Did you liked it?


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