Almost all keyboard has a set of Function keys starting from F1 to F12. The function keys are placed at the top of the keyboard labeled F1 through F12. On a laptop, there is a separate Fn key, to use the function. These keys combined with Alt and Ctrl keys to make useful keyboard shortcuts. The use of each key is organized by the operating system installed on the computer and the software program we are using.

Function keyUse of function keys
F1A help system is an important thing for all programs. F1 key invokes the help function in a program. It opens up the help screen when the key is pressed. F1 + Windows key invokes Windows help.
F2Use F2 to rename highlighted files, folders, or icons. It allows us to quickly rename the selected file or folder. 
F3Use F3 for search files and folders. Opens the search feature of a program. 
F4Opens the address bar in the internet explorer. In Microsoft Windows, pressing Alt + F4 to close the currently active program.
F5Use F5 to reload or refresh the document window or page. 
F6Move the cursor to the address bar in internet browsers.
F7To check spelling and grammar in Microsoft programs.
F8To enter the Windows startup menu
F9Refesh docuemnt in Microsoft word.
F10Activates the menu bar of an open application.
F11Enter and exit fullscreen in internet browsers.
F12In Microsoft word, shows Save as a window. Ctrl+F12 opens a word document. F12 can be used to open developer tools on different browsers.

Everyone noticed the function keys at the top of the keyboard, but how many of us used these keys to perform various tasks. These function keys can perform various functions on different programs. They can be used in conjunction with the ctrl, alt, and shift keys on the keyboard. Read the Keyboard Key Names and Functions of Every Key to know the name and functions of keys in your computer keyboard.


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