You can create your own interactive online training videos without much technical knowledge. Instructional videos help to train employees, designers and students to encourage some specific tasks without human support. You can easily create a screencast, short videos, and presentation using some specific software. You can record live video, audio, record mouse clicks and mouse movements with these tools. You can easily share videos or can save it to the cloud for backup. You can capture your computer screen with a screen capture tool and a video recording software to edit the recorded videos. You can create explainer videos, how-to-videos, Youtube videos, webinar and presentation recordings with these tools. You can upload the edited videos to Youtube, Vimeo, Screencast or your own online course website.

Sometimes you need audio with the video recordings. You can also give a personal touch to your video by adding your picture in the recorded video. But before beginning the work, you need to identify the topic that you want to discuss and the tools that actually needed for creating your instructional videos.

Identify the topic
If you want to create instructional videos for your employees or for your students, you may have already an objective. You need to select topics that can convert into instructional material. If you don’t have any idea about the topic, you can do research on Youtube and other video sharing websites or any other online instructional video websites to get inspiration.

Plan the learning objectives
Next, plan the learning objectives. You must define what a user gets after watching your instructional video. He/she can do a specific work based on seeing the video instruction.

Choose the style
You can choose the style of video presentation. You can deliver instructions by screencast, micro-video, presentation, animated presentation, and an interactive presentation.

Pick the right authoring tools
Now, pick the right tools to create your instructional video based on your style of presentation. Here are some tools that you can use your own stunning instructional videos.

OBS Studio
It is a free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. You can create videos with window captures, images, text, browser windows, webcams, and capture cards.

CamStudio can record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create stunning AVI video files. It has an in-built SWF Producer to create bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs). You can create demonstration videos for a software program or can create video-based information products that can sell online.

You can create screencasts, edit recorded videos, and upload it to YouTube without any trail watermark or time limits by using Freecam. It has a set of tools to create video lessons and e-Learning presentations. You can select your entire computer screen, or a selected area of the screen, or a single window. You can record your voice with a microphone to create a voice-over presentation. It is easy to highlight your mouse cursor and record mouse click sounds and can record the sounds of the program with this tool.

ShareX is a screen capturing, file sharing, and productivity tool. It supports a full screen and active window capture. ShareX is written using C# programming language and .NET Framework.

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio
(Download Movavi Screen Recorder)
It is a screen recorder cum video editor. This is a simple tool to record screen with audio. You can easily record streaming audio and video, Skype video chats, webinars, movies, and TV series with this software. Personally, I am using Movavi Video Suite to create screen recordings and editing for my website and Youtube channel. Movavi video suite is all in one solution for capturing computer screen, creating and editing videos, convert media files, slideshows, and disc burning.

You can also use Ezvid, Tinytake, Bandicam, Icecream Screen Recorder, Free Screen Video Recorder, and other tools.


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