The Messenger app from Facebook allows you to add a sticker, animated GIF and emojis to express your feelings. You can capture moments using the Messenger camera and can add a filter or doodle to it. You can send messages using Facebook messenger. As per Facebook, you will need a Facebook account to use messenger.

After installing the Messenger app, on the Welcome screen, you can see ‘Not on Facebook?’ just below the ‘login with Facebook button’. On clicking the Not on Facebook, it asks for a phone number to use with the application. Enter your phone number and name. You can use the messenger app to send photos, videos, chats, and voice without signing up using your Facebook account.

The Messenger has a dark mode that offers a sleek new look to read your messages.

Use Messenger after deactivating your account
You can keep using Messenger after deactivating your Facebook account. To use the Messenger, download the messenger app and install it. You can use the same email address and password that you used for your Facebook account to sign on to the messenger. Enter the phone number of the peoples that you want to add contacts on your Facebook Messenger.


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