If you are a user of Orkut, you probably had a lot of photos in your Orkut albums. Orkut is one of the first and best social networking site. But the advent of Facebook and others, a lot of people shifted to other social networking sites. So Google decided to come up with a new social networking site to compete with the Facebook. Google released its Google+ version. Initially, joining Google+ was possible only through invitation from other members of Google+. But now Google+ is open for all.


    So like me you are also created an account with Google+. Created the profile, added friends Google+, created circles and added friends to circles. But when we want to create albums, there is a little problem. If you are new to social networking and didn’t upload any of your photos with other network, nothing to think. Go ahead…!

    But for those who have a few hundreds of photos in there Orkut account should want to share it with Google+. This is a frequent question in Google help topics. The only way is to share photos with Picasa, if you have any photos available in Picasa. If not, you need to download all photos and the again want to upload it to Google+. Tedious task. Isn’ it?

   Yes, it is. But today I found a solution for it. When I go through mu orkut account, I noticed a new banner in black and red color, “Share your Orkut photos on Google+” , “Love your photos? Now you can bring your Orkut photos with you to Google+”, and a button in red color to copy files to Orkut. I didn’t think again. I clicked the button and noticed another page.


      In the second page you can select the albums you want to export. You can select all by clicking the “Select All’   or you can select only those albums that you wanted to share with Google+. After selecting it click the red button ‘Import selected’.


orkut Google

   The albums that you selected (if you selected all, then all albums) will uploaded to Google+. You can see the progress bar in each album indicating the progress of upload. Once the upload is over the progress bar button goes green with a label ‘uploaded’. After uploading a message in yellow color is displayed, indicating that the albums are uploaded to Google+. At this time your album in Google+ is only visible to you. You want to visit your photo albums on Google+ and add circles or give necessary permissions to display it as public or private. You don’t worry about the link. Google+ will show the path by just clicking the link displayed below the ‘Done!’ message, as shown in picture below.

orkut Google

The link will guide you to the new photo album page in Google+, where you want to make the necessary changes. You can add circles or people to share the album with. You can also lock the album. After adding the peoples or circles click the save button. Done…! Finished..! orkutGoogle

   Now your Orkut albums are also available in Google+. You don’t want to upload it again, easy, fast and secure method. Moreover it keeps the copy of the album in Orkut, you can also continue it with your Orkut account. Cool….Try it ! You can find the transfer link in your Orkut homepage after the login. It is like http://www.orkut.com/AlbumsExport.

   Share your experience with us. Can you find any other alternatives to it. How is your experience. Is there any tips or tricks related to it to share with us?


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