Facebook-the popular social networking site, that is also a huge source of online traffic. Anyone can create a profile on Facebook. The profile is a place where you can share information about yourself, your interests, your location information and you can share photos and videos with your friends and relatives. If you have a Facebook account you can view your Facebook profile by clicking your name or profile picture at the top of Facebook.

To create a Facebook page, you must have a profile page. Facebook pages are places where companies, organizations, brands, businesses, and artists can connect with their customers or fans. If someone likes or follows a Facebook page he can view updates from that page in their news feed. Through pages, we can share stories with the world and connect with peoples.

To create a Facebook page, go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create. Click to choose a page type then to fill out the required information. Click continue and follow the instructions to create the page. The page helps you to engage and interact with your audience and the page offers tools to manage and track user engagements.

On a page, you can see the Like button below the page’s cover photo. When someone likes a page, they automatically follow the page, here onwards that person will receive an update from that page in Newsfeed. To follow a page, click Follow. After someone follows a page he may get updates from that page.

There are two types of pages you can create, Business or brand or Community or public figure. You can choose the type of page that you want to create. Now, add a profile and cover photo to your Facebook page. The profile photo (size:170×170 pixels) appears as your icon on Facebook. Facebook will crop the square dimensional image into a circular shape. The cover photo (size:820×462 pixels) appears across the top of your page, add a photo that related to your brand which draws more attention from your visitors. There are a number of sites like Canva, offers tools to make Facebook cover photos.

If you want to delete the page, go to settings of the page. To see the page settings, click the Manage page from the top bar on Facebook. In general settings, in the Remove page, click on Permanently delete your page name. In the pop-up dialog box click Delete. After deleting the page click Save changes.


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