You can take pictures of your computer or mobile phone’s desktop or screen, windows or apps, and menus. These pictures are known as screenshots. Screen shoot is essentials for explaining the issues on your computer or to give tutorials about a tool or to demonstrate the working of an application by a screenshot of the live screen. sometimes requires to save some essential notes on a webpage. Anyways, screenshot makes your life easy by giving you a way to easily store the live screen to any one of the popular image formats. Here are some ways to screenshot on windows easily.

Print Screen (PrtScn)
Taking screenshot on pc is much simpler than you think. You may wonder how to take screenshots in windows and what tools you need to take a screenshot. Many of us familiar with the Print screen of the keyboard. If you don’t use it earlier, Print Screen (in some keyboards ‘PrtScn’) is a key available in all keyboards to capture and store the desktop screen to the computer’s clipboard. As it is in the clipboard you cannot see it at the time of capture, to view and save it you need some photo editing tool. You can use Windows Paint or, Gimp or similar photo editing tools to Paste the captured screen. First, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard, now the computer screen is captured to the clipboard. Open any photo editing tool (say, Paint) and Paste (Ctrl+V). Now you can see the captured image, crop or resize it as you need and save it in any type of format using save option. There are some tricks to capture a specific window, use Alt+Print screen to capture the active window. Do you want to automatically save the captured images somewhere on the computer? ?Use Windows+PrintScreen, now the screenshot is captured and automatically saved it in Pictures>Screenshot folder.

Snipping Tool
You may notice a snipping tool like the one below in Windows 10. This tool is to capture the screenshot of Windows. It can capture full screen, free form snip, Windows snip, and rectangular snip.

Faststone Capture
It is a lightweight screen capture tool allows you to capture full screen, menus, freehand, windows and webpages. It can also record microphone voices, mouse clicks, and mouse movements as video files. Editing tool helps to edit, resize, crop and watermark images. You can save images in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and PDF formats.

To take a screenshot to install the Lightshot screenshot utility first, then press the PrntScr button on your keyboard. This tool supports PNG, BMP, and JPG formats.

Tiny take
Tinytake is a free screen capture and video recording tool for Windows and Mac. You can capture a region. a window, or entire screen as image or video. This tool can also record videos of your screen (up to 120 minutes), or from the webcam.

You can also try Greenshot, Snagit to capture screen and record videos. If you are a serious content creator or want to make tutorial videos about a software use Snagit. Snagit offers pre-made templates to create tutorials, visual documentation and training materials. You can capture a full-page, or a scrolling screen, or an infinitely scrolling webpages, long chat messages with it. This tool can extract text from screen capture. Through this article, you learned some methods on how to pc screenshot with or without tools.


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