Buzz Google buzz is intended to share updates, photos, videos, and more. You can start conversations about the things you find interesting. You can update it by email, add it to your blog, stick it in your browser or just stalk people nearby, and you can also take advantage of experimental features from Google Labs.Google Buzz lets you share web links, photos, videos, and more with those who are important to you.

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Update Buzz via Email

One of the main thing that I noticed in Buzz’s is that it’s Gmail integration is that it lets you update your Buzz via email.Email your post to from your Gmail / Google Mail account. There’s no 140-character limit either, your post can be as long as you like.You can even send in attachments!

Deliver interesting posts to  your inbox

Sometimes you’re really interested in a  certain conversation and would like to get it delivered to your inbox. You used to have to comment on a post in order to  get updates sent to your inbox. Now, you can set the post to be delivered to your inbox regardless of whether or not you’ve participated. Click the down-arrowin the upperright-handcorner of a post, and seleandct “Deliver to my Inbox.”


Disable comments.

If a  conversation you’ve started has run its course, you can opt to prevent further comments. For example, we just closed comments on this post soliciting questions for our SXSW panel since the talk happened over a month ago.


Subscribe to Buzz via RSS

If you want to subscribe to someone’s Buzz in your feed reader, just go to their Google profile page. Once there, you’ll see the orange RSS icon appear in the browser’s address bar. Click the icon in  order to add Buzz to your favorite feed reader.


Favicons for shared links.

When you share a link in Google Buzz, we now grab the favicon associated with that page so it’s easier than ever to see the source (in this case, Blogger).


Send direct messages to  your friend’s inbox

You can do it by using the “ @” symbol, When you enters the symbol, and after when you type a letter it automatically shows the email contact lists.If you’d like to send a private message to someone, type @ and use Gmail’s autocomplete feature to find the email address of your contact. After typing the message, make sure that the private option is selected, click on “Post to other groups” and create an empty group. You could call it “No one”, “Empty group” etc. Now you can send your message.


Quickly open Google Buzz.

If you’ve enabled keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, type g b from any Gmail view and you’ll open Google Buzz.

Some other useful shortcuts are:

Shift+l — like a message
m — mute (ignore) a conversation
r — add a comment
p / n — go to the newer / older conversation
o — expand conversation

Keep your followers private

To hide the list of those you follow: go to your Google Profile, edit it and uncheck the box marked “Display the list of people I’m following and people following me“.

Get Buzz out of your inbox

Create a  filter and put “label:buzz” in the  “has the words” section. Ignore the warning message and then select “Skip the inbox“. Once you click on Create Filter, your inbox will beBuzz-free.When someone replies to one of your Google Buzz messages, Google sends an email notification to your Gmail account. If you don’t like the notifications or they clutter your inbox, create a filter that archives or deletes all the messages that are labeled “buzz” (a built-in Gmail label). Make sure you type label:buzz (you could also use is:buzz) in  the “Has the words” box and ignore Gmail’s warning.

Email post, Link to post, or Mute a Buzz Post

Just click the drop-downarrow to the far right of any post for a list of other Buzz options. From the  drop down box appears, you can email the post, get the post’s permalink, view all Buzz from that person, follow them, or mute the post.

buzz box

Control what you want in  your inbox

You can select your desired  Buzz in  your inbox settings from the settings link from the gmail and go to Buzz.

Buzz Settings

Buzz on mobile phone

Google Buzz for mobile allows you to post buzz and  keep up with your friends when you’re away from your computer. It also uses your location to identify places around you. You can select one of these places and attach it as location tag to your posts, or read what others have posted about the place.There are several ways to use Google Buzz on your mobile phone: This web app provides access to Buzz from your iPhone or Android phone’s browser, allowing you to  view and create buzz messages.

Buzz on Google Maps for mobile: The new Buzz layer allows you to see buzz near you or anywhere on  the map.

Buzz Shortcut from You will see the buzz icon in the top right corner of the homepage. Just tap on the icon to trigger the posting box.

Voice Shortcut: The voice shortcut, which is available in the quick search widget on Android and in Google Mobile App on iPhone, allows you to  post buzz without typing anything. Just say ‘post buzz,’ followed by whatever you’d like to post.

Buzz on Mobile  map_buzz_selected

Buzz Browser Extensions

Put Buzz in your browser :-If you’re running Chrome there’s Chrome Buzz, while Firefox users can install Buzz It .

Buzz to your WordPress Blog

install the GoogleBuzz-erplugin [].

Post to Twitter from Buzz

Buzz automatically publishes your posts in an RSS feed, so you can use Twitterfeed to import and publish your Buzz posts to your Twitter account.

Adding Connected Sites

You can automatically update Buzz from other sites by making them Connected Sites. To add a connected site, click on the Buzz link in  Google Mail and then on the Connected Sites list next to your name.Google Buzz lets you import content from services like Google Reader, Picasa, Blogger, Twitter, Flickr, but it’s not obvious how to add other sites. Let’s say you want to add your FriendFeed profile or the feed of your site.


Hide Google Buzz’s counter.

Google Buzz’s message counter is distracting, so it would be nice to  hide it. Unfortunately, there’s no Gmail option that lets you hide counter, but you can hide the link to Google Buzz. Drag “Buzz” to the  “X more”drop-downand you can hide the Buzz label.


Save searches

You can bookmark your favorite Buzz searches by enabling the Quick Links feature from Gmail Labs. After performing a search, click on “Add quick link” and add a name for your bookmark.

Add rich text messages

You can use the same tricks that work in Google Talk to write rich text messages:

*bold message*
_italic message_
-deleted message-


There are lot of tips available, when we find anything new we will update this post. If you find anything new or  useful feel free to inform us also. So our readers can use it. You can get more tips from techradar, ICT magazine and from Google system.

[Note: Unfortunately Google Buzz was discontinued]


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