Google sheet is a free spreadsheet program offered by Google. You can create and edit spreadsheets using the web-based Google Docs editor suite. In a spreadsheet, the serial number is the most used and one of the important columns. You will need a serial number in a spreadsheet irrespective of the type of data you are processing. Adding serial numbers manually is the straightforward way of adding the serial number in a spreadsheet. ut it is a time-consuming task if the spreadsheet has hundreds of datasets. Here are some methods to automatically add serial numbers to your Google sheet.

In Google Sheets, each spreadsheet contains default row numbers that can work as serial numbers. You can easily add serial numbers for large datasets using Fill handle. The Fill handle tool is a handy tool to autocomplete the serial numbers using your computer mouse.

Using Fill Handle
In the sheet, use the Fill handle and left mouse key to drag the cells down and fill the cells with a list of sequential numbers. A minimum of two cells are required to define the sequence required, so type the first two serial numbers manually. Select the cells containing these two manually entered serial numbers. You will see a blue solid square box (Fill Handle) appear on the bottom right-hand side of the selection. Keep the mouse on the Fill handle, then hold the left mouse key and drag the mouse cursor at the end of your dataset (till you required), to fill the cells a sequence of numbers. Google sheet can automatically fill the cells sequentially by 1 unit.

For example, In cell A1, enter 1, in cell A2, enter 2, select both the cells. Place the cursor at the bottom-right corner of the selection. The cursor would change into a plus icon (this is called the Fill Handle) Double-click using the mouse (or left-click and drag till you want the numbers).


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