What happens to the new Firefox 4 beta – Faster start-up time, improved page-load speed and the performance of Web apps and games.

How ? –The New JavaScript engine – JägerMonkey

Want to Test? – download and test !

At the beginning of this year, the Mozilla JavaScript team started a new project, code-named JägerMonkey, with a simple goal: make Firefox fast. Firefox’s previous major engine upgrade, TraceMonkey, gave Firefox 3.5 a big speed boost. But while the technology inside TraceMonkey makes it faster than any other engine on certain programs ,it doesn’t help other programs as much. By the time web has grown more complex, with more and more JavaScript-intensive demos, apps, and games. And the competition has been getting a lot tougher, with engines like chrome, that could run fast on bigger and prettier web apps. Look at the screenshot of our site in the new Firefox 4 beta7.


Now Firefox came with a new solution a speed Firefox browser using the new JavaScript engine.You can try the new JavaScript engine now in Firefox 4 beta 7. The main features are,

  • First thing now Firefox loads faster cold start up and loads pages faster than the earlier version, which is nearly equivalent to opera and Google chrome.
  • Big improvements in benchmark scores.
  • Things just feel faster, especially big JavaScript-heavy things like Gmail and Facebook.
  • Cool demos and games work great now. You can play a good game of Super Mario Bros in JavaScript now. Or play some Gameboy. Or try a fluid simulator .

Firefox 4 is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux .Firefox 4 beta 7 introduces JagerMonkey, Mozilla’s next-generation JavaScript engine that puts the browser in the same ballpark as its high-speed competitors. The old TraceMonkey engine was slow enough to no longer be in the same league as Chrome, Opera, Safari, and the Internet Explorer 9 beta.

Mozilla describes the improvements as incorporating the JagerMonkey JIT compiler into the new SpiderMonkey engine, and says that users can expect to see significantly faster start-up times, page-load speed, and JavaScript-intensive Web tasks such as running apps and playing games. The company’s internal benchmarking shows Firefox 4 is three times faster than the current Firefox 3.6.12 on both Kraken and Sunspider JavaScript benchmarks, and five times faster than Firefox 3.6.12 on the V8 benchmark.


Although speed is definitely a major part of a successful modern browser, there’s more that’s changed in the latest Firefox 4 beta besides JavaScript rendering. Firefox was one of the first browsers to incorporate hardware acceleration, and Firefox 4 beta 7 can use your computer’s graphics card to load pages faster if the card is supported. The new beta will work on Windows XP, something most other hardware accelerated browsers can’t do, and it will work on Macs. The Mac version is powered by OpenGL, while DirectX fuels the Windows version.Fonts has also received a boost in this beta edition.

Just download Firefox 4 Beta  in to you pc download and test!

It rocks you ! The pages load faster, interactions with websites are snappier and the Web is just a lot more fun.Sure.

Wondered what’s New in Firefox 4 beta:

  • Boosting JavaScript Performance with JägerMonkey
    The main deference is the speed boost and the secret behind it is the new JägerMonkey. The Firefox SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine now incorporates the new JägerMonkey JIT compiler, which, along with enhancements to the existing TraceMonkey JIT and SpiderMonkey’s interpreter, add up to speeds that really show off today’s rich Web apps. You’ll notice this in faster start-up time, improved page-load speed and the performance of Web apps and games.

Boosting Graphics Performance
The Firefox 4 Beta incorporates hardware-accelerated graphics into the final rendering of a website — referred to as “compositing.” This enables websites to load and respond faster to rich and interactive content like Web games, apps or photos. On Windows (including Windows XP), hardware acceleration is done using DirectX technology; on Mac OS X, it’s done using OpenGL.

Bringing 3D graphics to Firefox with WebGL
Firefox 4 Beta enables developers to render 3D graphics using WebGL. Web developers can now create spectacular games, vivid graphics and brand-new visual experiences for the Web, without requiring users to install plug-ins! This means that 3D graphics can be mashed-up with other Web technologies to provide amazing experiences that seamlessly integrate with the rest of your website. WebGL in Firefox 4 Beta requires an OpenGL-capable graphics card on Windows or Mac OS X. Additional support for other graphics cards on Windows (specifically Intel GPUs) and Linux will come in future beta releases.

Support for Exquisite Fonts with OpenType
Get ready for websites with layouts as elegant as you would find in a typeset book. With support for OpenType font features in Firefox 4 Beta.

Improved HTML5 Forms
Firefox 4 Beta also improves HTML forms. Detailed HTML5 forms are a snap to create with auto-complete, HTML5 form validation and the new Form API.

Update News –

Currently the Firefox team is working on a project to protect user privacy from stealing user information to show related advertisements in Facebook and Google.


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