You may experience the difficulty of shutting down your computer after a specific time. You may have a nice audio player in your computer or laptop and having a habit of sleeping by listen to nice music that you want to hear at every night. But the problem is that the system may work in the whole night. Moreover it may goes off it there may be a power failure. So an automatic shutdown scheduler is a nice option to use, as it shutdown the computer after the specific task. For example, you can give the schedule time to shutdown or restart the computer.

  Here are some tools to do the task even easily with some freeware utilities. Adding the scheduled task in such programs is very easy. You can easily add task for Standby, Hibernate, Suspend, and Power Off.


   Ever wanted to fall asleep while listening to music, and then shutdown your computer? This little software utility can become one of your favorite allies in fighting power consumption, as it can send the computer in any power mode, such as Standby, Hibernate, Suspend, Power Off. More than that, when the pre-set timer is up, the utility can fire up the screensaver, run a file of your choice, or merely log you off. Sleepwalker packs all the features of a premium program in a free-of-cost envelope.


Auto Shutdown Genius

    Auto Shutdown Genius provides users with an innovative way to monitor and control the how’s and whens of computer shutdowns. This program offers a wide selection of choices that can help customize every user’s system. This program has a very scientific-looking interface. The CPU usage monitor, similar to a heart monitor in a hospital, instantly jumps off the screen. A spiking green line shows a real-time reading of what percentage of the hard drive is being used. Above this area is a list of commands users have operating with the Auto Shutdown Genius, as well as a table of commands above that. Setting up this program is simple and surprisingly flexible. The key to operating your shutdown is the Task button. Here you can customize every aspect of this program. Users are given a choice between shutting the computer down daily, weekly, monthly, once, when idle, or when usage hits a certain point. From there, users can set the specific times each day or point of usage that trips the task. Tasks range from shutting down, restarting, logging out, hibernating, going to standby, turning monitor off, locking work station, or starting screen saver.

Autoshutdown genius  Autoshutdown-genius


    TaskmgrPro Shutdown Scheduler can make your PC turn off, log off, restart or hibernate at a specified time. It works either as a countdown timer or set up like an alarm clock. It is integrated into Windows Task Manager so you can access it quickly. Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc or Ctrl + Alt + Del to launch Windows Task Manager. TaskmgrPro Shutdown Scheduler creates an additional Shutdown tab on which you can schedule task.

shutdown scheduler

Sinvise Shutdown Timer

    Sinvise Shutdown Timer allows you to choose when to switch off your PC, restart it, or send it to sleep. If you want to go to sleep watching a movie on your PC, or allow a download to finish before you turn off your computer, Sinvise Shutdown Timer will be very useful. Once installed you’ll be able to set a shutdown in a variety of ways. There are parameters for Time & Date, CPU & Memory, Networking and Processes. Each of these can be altered so your PC performs an action when, for example, a program stops running. As well as shutdowns, you can schedule restarts, hibernation, log-offs and more. Sinvise Shutdown Timer even allows you to schedule a web page opening on demand.

Sunvise shutdown

Task Scheduler in Windows

   Windows Task scheduler can be used to create and manage common tasks that your computer will carryout automatically at the time you specify.

Task scheduler

   I used auto shutdown genius to schedule the events. It is very simple to control the little program. Which tool you are using to schedule your computer activity? Do you have any other tips to schedule the task?


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