Profile page is the best way to announce your abilities, skills and knowledge. There are several ways to create a profile page. You can use your Facebook profile page to create a nice profile. There are several options available to create a nice Facebook profile page. To create a profile page you need a place to showcase your works, photos and creations.


  To create a nice visual profile page there are other options are also available. There are some readymade sites which help you to do the creation more easily. One of the recent tool in the segment is Vizify.


Vizify  provide access to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Fourthsquare account and it analysis the data of those accounts to provide the information in a visual interactive form. The LinkedIn information is used to fill out the online resume. You can easily customize your Vizify profile page. You can add, rearrange and hide information easily from the profile page.

Flavorsme is a nice way to create a personalized page. You can easily access and arrange information from  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Posterous, Netflix and other social networking and content sites. The is advertised itself as ‘The digital you”. Real-time, point-and-click design interface with 17 layouts, 222 fonts and no coding required makes it a nice option to create a personalized page. Automatically organizes content from 35 services – more than anywhere else – into an elegant and cohesive online presence. Present your social media in stunning visual fashion with a customizable display, full screen photos, and interactive audio and video.You can use Use your existing domain name or purchase a new one through Flavors for quick and easy complete branding. Another interesting feature is the site analytics provide a detailed understanding of how visitors are finding and interacting with your site in real-time.

  You can create nice profile page using You can quicly build a profile page using the layout available.

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Here is some profile pages created with is a free service that lets you create a beautiful one-page website that’s all about you. Upload a photo, write a short bio and connect your favorite websites to show the world the big picture of you.

  There are several ways to create your own personalized page. You can use you Facebook profile page to create a stunning personalized page which showed in Sethsandler blog. You can also use Adobe Muse to create a personalized age as  described in Makeuseof.


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