Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to use a software efficiently. Every software has some keyboard shortcuts to use it fast, that saves a few mouse clicks. Learning the keyboard shortcuts make you a pro in that application. Keyboard shortcuts are a series on one or more keys that invoke the software program to perform a pre-programmed action. Keyboard shortcuts are keys or combinations of keys that offer an alternative way to do a task that we would typically do with a mouse. Here are some commonly used keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work.

Ctrl+OOpen a workbook
Ctrl+WClose a workbook
Ctrl+SSave a workbook
Ctrl+NCreate a New workbook
Alt+MGoto Formula Tab

Shortcuts for navigate in Excel cells

Shift+TabMove to previous cell
Up arrow keyMove one cell up in a worksheet
Down arrow keyMove one cell down in a worksheet.
Left arrow keyMove one cell left in a worksheet
Right arrow keyMove one cell right in a worksheet
Ctrl+EndMove to the last cell on a worksheet
Ctrl+HomeMove to the beginning of a worksheet
Page Down (pg dn)Move one screen down in a worksheet
Page Up (pg up)Move one screen up in a worksheet
Tab keyMove one cell to the right in a worksheet
EscExit the floating shape navigation

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